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If I understand the question right it sounds like the neutral safety switch under the dash that is connected to the break pedal is either bad or you have a blown fuse. You can over ride this by turning the key to the first postition you no lights should come on on the dash board. then push the break pedal and move the shifter to the neutural position and start the car. you should be able to shift into drive.

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How do you open the boot?

of a car? you usually press a button / lever and it opens. or a shoe? might be a zip, or just an elasticated part.

What is the function of the fulcrum on a lever?

It is the pivot point around which the lever rotates. Usually the fulcrum is thought of as a fixed point. It might be, or it might be built into the lever.

1985 Mercedes SL the hardtop crank behind the driver door works but the small lever won's release the rear top hook.?

Have you tried to move the crank lever back and forth without any good results? Have you tried moving the safety lever back and forth? You can remove the crank lever...slide off the lever's clip cover, slide off the crank lever and try to manipulate the safety lever...that should help. You might also check to see if the crank lever is engaging or not. Or....it could be that you have broken one of the cables, or metal arms that control this. If the lever loosens the top from the body...you might be able to slide a probe or screwdriver near the hook to move it. And, you're going to need at least one other person to lift the top. If this doesn't work...find your local dealer...I don't know what else to do.

What do aliens do to people?

aliens, Might exist but their are rumours that they probe people.

Where did Magellan land?

The Magellan probe never landed on any planet. Bits of it might have landed on Venus, but the probe disintegrated in Venus's heavy atmosphere. The probe was never designed to land on Venus.

How do you put a 2011BMW 528i into neutral with a dead battery?

If you lift up the boot on the shifter, there's an override button which MIGHT work with a dead battery. Barring that, the best way is to connect a battery charger or another vehicle with jumper cables to it.

In a 1994 probe why would the overdrive light flash?

you might wanna have your tranny checked my dads probe did the same thing right b4 the tranny went out of it

How do you take the lever off a lever action gun?

Did it ever occurr to you that you might need to offer a bit more information?

Why are probe landings on Jupiter not possible?

Jupiter does not have a solid surface on which something might land.

Your Renault scenic has automatic gear box it will not change gear it will only go into third gear only the D lamb is blinking and transmission lamb turn on?

its a fail safe mode. possibly the multifunction sensor is not working well or is damp. try drying it up and use the electronic tool to reset it. there is a temp solution to override it, via a button located near the gear lever. plse check with the mechanic. other reasons might be the gear linkage or the gearbox.

What is a job that involes math?

A probe person, or someone who fixes machines in the space industries, will take some math. They might need to add up the mass of the probe, or machine.

Where you might find a cooking probe?

You can purchase a cooking probe in the household section of most department stores, and in some grocery stores, specifically in the area where kitchen supplies are sold.

What is the meaning of Do not press the right button?

It might mean there is a button positioned on the left, and another button positioned on the right, and you should not push the button on the right.

Lost power in 1995 probe and wont start?

check timing belt might have slipped

How do you idle a Volvo truck?

The idle shutdown mechanism depends on how the ECM is set up... there are many ways this can be done. Running it at high idle might or might not override the idle shutdown, dependent on how the parameters are set. If you have ambient air temperature override, you can tape a hand warmer to the temperature sensor.

How is a space probe launched into space?

This might not be completely accurate but I'm positive this is the general idea. A space probe is launched from a rocket. When the rocket reaches a certain distance into space, parts of the rocket that aren't necessary to carry the probe to its destination break loose from the rocket.

Why won't my radio button turn radio off?

Ever thought it might not be the right button?

When might DNA be single stranded?

It would be single stranded when it has been synthetically made like a probe.

Can you make a 94 probe auto trans wire harness work on a 93 ford probe trans without cutting it?

yes should work fine might be some diff in plugs that you might have to rewire but should have no proble there are few diff between the 93-94

What class of lever is a saw?

ok so this is what i think i dont think a saw is a lever because dont levers need to have a fulcrum in order to be considered a lever.But on the other hand i read that a knife is a lever and it doesnt even look anything like a lever so my answer might be wrong.

Can a digital oven thermometer with a probe be used as a candy thermometer?

Meat is generally cooked to under 200 degrees and candy's hard crack stage is 300-310 degrees, so the standard digital probe probably cannot handle the intense heat. And the probe wire might hit the burner. And the sugar may seal the probe beyond your ability to clean it.

What is so special about a specialized probe?

Specialization just means that it has a limited number of purposes. It probably is not a big deal with reference to a space probe. However, it might be cheaper and lighter to construct than other probes.

2003 ford expedition won't come out of park where do I start?

There is an override button underneath the steering wheel. Make sure the steering wheel is in the up most position and underneath there is a round cover about the size of a quarter. Remove the cover and put your finger in the hole to feel a small button. Push on the button and brake pedal and you should be able to move it out of park. The "stoplight switch" or "brakelight switch" might need to be replaced. It's about $40 from an auto parts store and easy to replace.

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