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I had a light ticking in my '99 with a 5.2L that I usually only heard while parked by a building (echoing). The dealer said sometimes a tiny dirt particle may get caught in one lifter not allowing it to collapse and open properly. He said to try some engine flush (which I am not a fan of) at next oil change. Noise went away on its own after about month and a half. ==ANSWer Are you using low grade fuel? Our tapping sound in our 1998 Dodge Ram went away after we switched to premium (89 octane) fuel. Any tapping noise could be an indicator of the oil pump going bad, You may not have sufficient oil pressure. This can cause valves to click and/or rods to knock. This in turn can lead to the need for a motor to be rebuilt. You may want to have the oil pump and oil sending unit checked. Verify that you have the proper oil pressure and that your oil is not to oil and thin.

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Q: Why might there be a tapping sound coming from the engine in a Dodge Ram pickup truck?
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