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thats a normal feeling. or you could have a cyst on your ovary just go to the doctor and they will asses you . its simple. and then mabey a sonigram

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Q: Why might you get bad pains in your left ovary when you walk when you are due for your period?
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Why the sharp pain in left ovary before period?

Not enough ogasms

Im 12 and you get sharp pains near your left and right ovary what is this?

it's probably just puberty

I have this pain on ny left ovary a couple of days and my period is late for 5days what could it possibly be?

If you are having a pain in your left ovary, you may be about to start your period if your are late. You may also be pregnant. Take a pregnancy test or visit your doctor to be diagnosed.

What would cause you to have a very light period and hurting on your left ovary?

I just want to know what could cause a light period

What does your belly feel like at 5 weeks pregnant?

I'm five weeks & 5 days today. Feels like nothings there , I do feel ovary pains on my left side at times though. And on my left side above my ovary it feels sore to the touch like a bruise.

What does it mean if the doctor says he can't feel my left ovary?

This may be a bit of a stretch, but it might mean he can't feel your left ovary. You should probably ask your doctor if he believes that's a significant medical issue, and if so what he thinks it might indicate. If he's close enough that he thinks he should be able to feel your left ovary, he's close enough to talk to.

Either right ovary or left ovary is more functional in hen?

left overy

You had sharp pain in left side off tummy then had a period?

It was probably ovulation pains, I get them pretty often

What is the cpt code for transposition of the left ovary?

58825 is the CPT code for transposition of the left ovary.

What causes low left pelvic pain and bloating?

There are a number of things that could cause pelvic pain and bloating like going on your period. These pains might also be caused by an infection in the bladder.

Had left ovary removed right ovary burnt and tubes tied should you still get your period?

yes. you still have a uterus plus all the hormones that tell your cycle to keep going.

When you cramp a week after your period go off can be a sign of pregnancy?

yes it can be also a slight pain in your left or right ovary

Normal size of right and left ovaries?

Right ovary is not visualized Left ovary measurement 10.6x3.4x4.1 with fine? Internal echoes No Adnexal mass or collection is seen. Complication :- Left ovary chocolate cyst

Sharp pains left side of body?

what should we be concerned about with sharp shooting pains on the left side of your body

Right ovary size?

hiii me sana i am 21 years old my left ovary volume is 8.14cb cc and right ovary volume is 5.92cb cc both the ovaries shows multiple small cysts of less then 6 mm size, these cysts sre peripherally situated is my ovary is in fine condition? i have erregular period prob .

What does dominant follicle in left ovary mean?

A dominant follicle in the left ovary simply means that that particular follicle is responsible for releasing the egg for sterilization. The follicle that is not dominant will return the egg back to the ovary.

Is pregnancy possible without an ovary?

As long as you have at least one functioning ovary left you can get pregnant.

How do you tell between an ectopic pregnancy and a viable pregnancy?

As when you are a few weeks, or even may start at the beginning, you will have nasty pains in your left/right ovary, also bleeding is a common sign, and a faiding pregnancy test.

Can a cyst be removed from your left ovary?


What is a physiologic cyst on the left ovary?


Where is left ovary located in the body?

bhabdib is the answer.

You are a 16 year old female and recently had a cyst and an ovary taken out on your right side well now you are having sharp lower back pains left lower abdominal pains and a black vaginal discharge?

Call the doctor who treated you. Or call your regular doctor. Call right now, tonight.

What does it mean when you get sharp stabbing pains in your ovaries on the left side but you are not on your period?

Sounds like an ovarian cyst I have them every month and thats what they feel like also you could be ovulating and sometimes that will cause those pains as well

Will i still get pregnant if i have a polycystic left ovary and a normal right ovary?

there is less chance but it is still possible

You have sharp pains in your left side which is new to you i have 4 more days for your period?

you could be ovulating. if you have a thick mucus discharge then most likely you are ouvlating