Why might you have body odor even after using deodorant and how can you solve this?

Body Odor and Vaginal Odor could have different reasons. In most cases vaginal odor is a symptom of vaginal infections and it could be easily treated. The main reasons for body odor could be hygiene, food and sweating which also can be controlled. You better discover all details in recommended link above.

Assuming you shower and change your clothes, if it is a general body odor, look at your diet or any medication you may be taking. Either one could be causing problems. If there is something in your diet you eat regularly try not eating it for a couple of weeks. It may be a process of elimination. If it is something coming out in your sweat, it will take some time for your body to eliminate it . With medicine, either go online to see if other people have had a similar reaction or ask your doctor. Some cologne can smell alright to us but not other people.