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Well really our periods aren't on a monthly cycle. They are on a daily cycle. i.e every 25-28 days (just so happens it is approximately every month. Your cycle should not be any shorter than every 23 days which means in May, October, December and any other month with 31 days you will probally have 2 in a month (i.e May 1st and then again on May 24th). You might have spotting and mistake it for a period.

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Q: Why might you have three periods in one month?
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You have had regular periods for a year and then you have two in one month?

periods could happen twice in one month, but the next month, you might miss

You have had three periods in one month what does that mean?

your all screwed up

Can you have two periods in one month?

yes you can have two periods in one month

What causes three periods in one month?

Not everone has three periids a month. I have atleast one every two months abd i never know when the next one will come.

What does the word trimester means?

A period of three months; especially one of the three three-month periods into which human pregnancy is divided.

Can herpes cause 2 periods in one month?

Herpes will not cause 2 periods in one month.

What could cause three periods in one month?

Is it full on 5 day periods, or spotting? Spotting indicates possible stress, strong emotion, or just some extra blood after the period. I'm no doctor, but I don't think it's normal to be having three periods a month.

Why have you had two periods in one month straight after one another your periods are normally 30 days?

First of all periods last 5-7 days not do not have two periods in one month STUPID!!

When your pregnant is your periods late just one month or every month?

While you are pregnant you do not have periods at all.

What does it mean to have two periods in one month?

It means that your periods are irregular.

What does it mean when you have 2 periods in one month and not a period the following month?

You probally just have eregular periods its ok.

Is it possible to get pregnant having two periods in one month for the first time?

Yes! You can! I had my three kids! Each of them every time after I have two periods with in one month. So I find out that I am most fertile the next month after that so I usually try having kids after my 2nd period! Worked for me 3 times already. I don't know how but it works for me! Haven't met anyone that has kids after having two periods in one month!

Get 2 periods in one month?

its possible

Why should you have two periods in a month?

It isn't that abnormal to have two periods in a month. However, sometimes it can occur, if you have a short cycle and your period starts at the beginning of the month. This would make it possible to have two periods in one month.

Is it bad to have two periods in one month?


Reasons for 3 periods on one month?


Can you be pregnant if you had two periods in one month?


Can girls get there periods twice in one month?

Yes, they can.

Why would you to have two periods in one month?


If you had two periods the month before and the next month your stomach gets hard and you have synthems of pregnancy what does that mean?

a hard stomach and twin periods in one month mean you have twins on board.

Should a girl be concerned if she has two periods in one month?


What could be wrong if your periods are usually regular but this month you had two periods in one month?

Hormones or stress can cause this. If it re-occurs readdress this issue with your physician.

Why are you having 2 periods within one month?

Maybe your 28 day cycle just happened to make your two consecutive periods be in the same month. Don't panic, it happened to me this month. It sucks to be female :) Or maybe you just have irregular periods??

You had your period twice this month could you not have one next month?

You will probably have one next month. It sounds like you are having irregular periods. Going on the birth-control pill can often help sort this out and make your periods more regualr.

What does it mean if you had two periods this month but the second one only lasted four days and this has never happened to me?

u might be haveing a baby or go to doctor