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because they need to go on the Dr Phil show

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Do Mothers Dress Sons as Girls?

Some mothers may dress sons as girls. Perhaps they wished for a girl and had a boy instead or they may prefer female fashion to male fashion when the child is a baby.

Why do moms bully their sons if their sons are 21 years old?

Moms do not bully their sons. They just worry about them because they love them.

Do fathers dress sons as girls sometimes?

Yes probably because they have several weird fetishes

Do moms like it when their sons like dressing as girls?

Most mothers would feel uncomfortable, unless the son were very young and just experimenting.

Why do moms sometimes bully their sons?

Because some people will bully other people. Some of those bullies are moms and some of the ones bullied are their sons.

What is my moms sisters sons daughter to me?

Your second cousin.

What are the release dates for Sons of Hollywood - 2006 Moms of Hollywood 1-9?

Sons of Hollywood - 2006 Moms of Hollywood 1-9 was released on: USA: 15 April 2007

Why do moms hate their littlest son?

Moms don't hate their littlest sons, it's just that boys are harder to deal with especially if they're little.

What is the point of view in the Miracle Worker?

its your mamas moms sons dads fathers penis

Can moms ask their sons questions?

No Parents ask to much and they don't need to know

Can moms ask there sons questions?

Asking isn't the problem, the problem is getting answers.

How can you make your son want to be a girl for Halloween?

Parents should never force their sons to dress up as girls. Iron Man, etc., are the most popular characters most boys want to dress up as. To force your son against his will to dress up as a girl is actually a trauma to him. Halloween is suppose to be fun for children so go along with what he wants to be.

Why do other moms like seeing other moms sons naked?

If the sons are babies then it is cute to see a baby run around naked and there is nothing wrong with this. However, it is extremely uncommon for moms to have other moms see their sons naked if they are over five years old. Sometimes some children detest wearing clothes; may rip them off and go running through the house or backyard and it may make the moms have a good laugh at how cute they look.Nudity os a family thing and it varies a lot sometimes. It is highly inappropriate for parents or moms for that matter to allow their children to run around nude in front of others not family, whether it is a boy or a girl. If a mother insists her sons be nude in the home , outside the home,or with others not family it is considered child abuse, pure and simple. There is nothing cute or funny about it. It is also very disconcerting for older children in the home who are modest. There are a few moms who need parenting teaching or should not be allowed to have children I am sorry to say.

Why is it that there are moms who use their anger to annoy their sons?

Sometimes their kids annoy them too much, but other than that, they love their kids

Did Pierre Auguste Renoir have girls?

He had three sons, no daughters.

How many girls were on Noah's Ark?

There were 4 human girls: Noah's wife, and the wives of his 3 sons.

Why do some mothers feel the need to dress their sons as girls?

There are a few different answers. Some mothers long for a daughter and if they only have sons then there may be the temptation to dress their son as a little girl to fulfill their own want & longing. There is an old school of thought that it is a useful discipline. Known as Petticoating, it is the practice of dressing a boy from head to toe as a girl so as to improve his behavior or attitude and instill manners into the child. Its part thought control & part humiliation and some people still swear by it and say it works a treat. Some boys really enjoy the practice as well and would misbehave in order to dress as girls in which case the mother would have to switch tactics and only allow them to dress in a pretty dress when they behave. Some allow their son to dress as a girl and believe that clothing is merely something that covers the body and there is no such thing as "Gender Specific Material" so how can there really be "Gender Specific Clothing"? Is it wrong for a boy to like pink and flowers? In this mothers mind, a skirt is merely a pair of pants without the legs sewn in. And in reality that's all girls clothes are.

How many moms would let their sons wear female attire?

Not many would approve, but if they are over 18, you are powerless to stop it.

Why moms hit hers sons?

because they feel like thats the only way to make them stop what he/she is doing and sh1t like that

How many sons did Waylon Jennings have?

He had 3 boys and 3 girls.

How many boys did hera have and how many girls did she have?

She had 2 sons and no daughters

Who were the Model pinups of drum magazine from 1977 to 1980?

ur moms brothers sisters misters ex girlfriends sons boyfriends aunts!!!!

What is a sport moms wouldn't want their sons to play cause it's too dangerous?

rugby league because it can cause brain damage.

Where did the sons of liberty take place?

Mozart school

Why did the sons of liberty dress up?

so they wouldn't get notice by fimilar people that might tell the cops on them