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* Teenagers have more in common with their friends because most of them are going through the same emotions of problems teens can have. This is a time when teens are in a learning curve to become independent from their parents and at times this can cause conflict between parents and their teen. Often teens view the fact they are the only ones that have the answers and their parents could never possibly understand what they are going through so teens would rather talk to a best friend than their parents. It's normal to a degree. Teens can also feel more free to express themselves around their friends as to how they dress or what likes and dislikes they have and a parent may ridicule these things. What seems to some teens as joking or just fooling around and having their friends laugh over it may make the parents believe their teen in heading for trouble. Some teens have to test the waters regarding some drugs or alcohol knowing full well their friends may all do it, but their parents would not be too happy about it.

It is also a natural phenom. Among other other mammal species, as the young begin to mature, the family group begins to deteriorate, and the young begin to fend for themselves. As social animals do, we seek out the company of others of similar ages. It is nature's way of insuring that the young seek out mates that will produce healthy offspring, and prevents inbreeding among lower animals. So it is in our ancient chemistry.

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Q: Why most teenager like with their friends rather than their family?
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