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DNA must replicate before cell division to make sure that each daughter cell is genetically identical.


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DNA replication occurs before cell division, during interphase.

DNA replication must occur before cell division to make sure that the daughter cells are genetically identical.

Biological replication is of two types 1: DNA replicationwhich occurs in nucleus during S stage of Interphase of cell cycle before cell division and 2 : cell division is considered cell replication .

After/ DNA replication takes place before cell division.

DNA replication occurs just before cell division, meaning both daughter cells have DNA occurs during interphase

Yes. Cell division refers to mitosis or meiosis.DNA replication occurs before every division for mitosis.In meiosis there are 2 separate cell divisions, and the DNA only replicates before the first one.

DNA replication occurs during Interphase. This is not normally part of the cell division cycle but interphase must occur before subsequent stages such as prophase and metaphase can occur.

Replication of DNA is preceded the cell division. During cell cycle a trigger for cell nucleus to undergoing division is received and the cell enters for division.

A set of genes must be duplicated before cell division can occur. This is called Replication.

DNA replication is must because It is necessary for the cell division to occur to double the genetic content to pass it to a daughter cell

DNA replication mus occur before mitosis starts. Mitosis is another word for cell division and so there must be two copies of DNA for each cell at the end stage.

DNA replication occurs during cell division.

The process of DNA replication occurs just before cell division.

DNA. replication takes place in S phase of cell cycle in interphase before cell division .

Replication occurs in the Nucleus of a cell :)

DNA replication (chromosome replication) occurs only once before mitosis or meiosis.

A cell division happens mostly in the nuclous of it. The nucleus breaks out right before it.

Cell replication begins in the nucleus of the cell, where the strands of DNA duplicate.

Not exactly, it's the division of nucleus. The cell as a whole divides during cytokinesis and replication of genetic material and organelles occur during S phase of interphase.

Replication of DNA occurs during Interphase of both mitosis and meiosis. This means the DNA is doubled before the cell divides.

A mutation is passed on to new cells when the parent cell undergoes DNA replication in preparation for mitosis or meiosis. After DNA replication, mitotic cell division or meiotic cell division will occur, and the mutation will be passed on to the new cells. All of the cells produced by mitotic cell division will have the mutation and half of the cells produced by meiotic cell division will have the mutation.

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