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Some foods must be cooked before they are eaten ,because if they are not cooked they can cause food poisoning to the consumer.

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2018-04-01 14:59:13
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Q: Why must some foods be cooked before they are eaten?
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Would you re-freeze frozen food?

After being defrosted, frozen foods must be cooked before being re-frozen.

Why do you need to cook food fully?

Some foods do not need to be cooked fully, for example, tomatoes can be eaten raw or cooked - or anywhere in between. Other food, such as chicken, must be cooked completely to kill any bacteria in the flesh. The bacteria can cause food poisoning, salmonella or even e-coli.

Can pancetta be eaten raw or does it have to be cooked first?

It must be cooked. Pancetta is bacon that has been cured without smoking, but it's still raw. Prosciutto, which is aged ham, has been dry cured and can be eaten without cooking.

Why are some bananas red?

There are three main varieties of banana:Yellow eating bananasRed eating bananas, about half the size of the yellowPlantains or cooking bananas, must be cooked before being eaten

Why must cooked potentially hazardous foods such as cooked vegetables and fried chicken be kept hot until served?

To keep bacteria from growing

Why are you pooping pink?

If you are pooping pink then you must have eaten a whole bunch of pink foods but me not being able to think of any pink foods you must have shmedricks disease.

How come you can't eat your chicken rare like you can with steak?

Chicken and most edible fowl contain e. coli bacteria that must be cooked away before being eaten. Steak must be extremely fresh in order to be served rare.

What is the best food for a convalescent?

Foods that are low in fat and not a lot of carbohydrates. Foods must have a good amount protein, vitamins and minerals. Food must be eaten in small but a reasonable-sized portions.

Where must protein foods be digested before they can be absorbed?

In the Digestive system

Do oysters stay alive when you eat them?

Oysters must be cooked alive or eaten alive. Don't worry, though, oysters cannot feel pain.

Why must cooked TCS Foods such as steamed vegetables and fried chicken be kept hot until served?

to keep bacteriae from growing

Can you refreeze cooked shrimp?

Yes you can refreeze cooked shrimp. In order to do so you must first remove all moisture from the shrimp before freezing.

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