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Water must flow with some regularity across the gills of fish for gas exchange to take place. This is essential if the fish is to stay alive. Oxygen is taken from the water by the gills, and carbon dioxide is put into the water. The gills of fish serve essentially the same function as the lungs of people.

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Fish are living things explain how a fish gets oxygen?

Water passes across the fish's gills and the gills extract oxygen from the water.

Do fish have gills?

Yes, fish have gills. YES FISH HAVE GILLS the gills are used for the output(takeing the water away) of water after the fish has extracted(picked out) the oxegyn from the water.

What do fish breathe with?

Fish have gills, as they swim water passes over the gills and extract oxygen from the water.

What does gills of a fish do to help the fish?

Gills of the fish help it breath under water.

Were do fish get there air from?

Fish pass water over their 'gills' the gills extract oxygen from the water.

What is the function of the gills in a bony fish?

Fish use gills to breathe under water. A fish intakes water from its mouth, oxygen is absorbed through gills and water is thrown out.

What does gills help fish do?

Fish use gills to extract oxygen from the water passing over the gills.

What is an animal that has gills and lives in water?

A fish! Fish are the only animals with gills and most live in water.

What are fish gills?

Fish breathe with gills. Oxegen is in water. They breathe it in through their gills. They breathe it out through their mouth.

What helps fish to live in the water?

Fishes have gills when the water is moving on the gills than fish breaths and take oxygen from water.

Do salt water crocodiles have gills?

No, only fish have gills.

Do fish need to breahe under water?

Fish process the oxygen in the water through their gills. They suck in water and as they push the water out of their gills, the gills retain the air. This is why fish tank require pumps; to circulate the water and create oxygen.

What Has gills but not a fish?

nothing, anything with gills is classed as a fish. even if an elephant had gills and didn't even go in water, it's classed as a fish.

How does a fish breath?

Fish take air from gills with water and inside gills there are small holes which seprate air from water.

What happens when fish gills are out of water?

once the gills dry up, the fish will die of suffocation.

What is the difference between a shark and a fish?

fish have gills,fins,and live in the water. Sharks have gills

Why can fish live in water?

fish can live in water because they have gills.

How do fish absorb oxygen from water?

Fish can absorb water by the gills

Why are fish gills not suitable for air ventilation?

Fish gills are not suitable for air ventilation because, gills cannot function without water flowing through them. Gills are especially evolved and are an adaption of fish to breath under water.

Why the fish live in the water?

Why do you live on land? Fish don't have lungs they have gills, when moving water is going through them the gills take the oxygen from the water and the fish breaths, no water = no oxygen = dead fish.

How do fish breathe in water?

Most organisms, except for some such as anaerobic bacteria, respire oxygen. Fish have gills, gills have the ability to take the oxygen out of the molecule H2O.Fish have gills, which filter out the oxygen from the water. However, they can't breath out of water.A fish doesn't have lungs, it has gills, so it doesn't breathe in water really.Fish breathe under water by using their GILLSto surviveGills pull oxygen from the water but they can't breathe out of the water because the other chemicals in the air.

When a fish use their gills to breath they are taking in a solution of?

They are pulling the water they are swimming in across their gills. Therefore, freshwater fish are taking in a very dilute solution of salt water (> 0.9% salt) while saltwater fish are taking in a relatively concentrated solution of salt water (3-5% salt).

Do most fish have gills?

all fish have gills. they have gills instead of lungs, so they can breathe under water. Whales and dolphins do not have gills because they are mammals.

What are the gills?

Gills are the things that help fish breath under water.

How do fish get air?

they dont. Oxygen in the water through there gills

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