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Try replacing the PCV valve ( $ 3.00). It is located in valve cover. If they stick open it allows oil vapor to burn.

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Q: Why my1994 chev 5.7lt is losing oil but no leaks or burning?
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How to tell if your 2002 Jeep liberty is burning oil?

Mark the level on the dipstick. If after driving 500 miles, it is lower and there are no external leaks, it is burning oil.Mark the level on the dipstick. If after driving 500 miles, it is lower and there are no external leaks, it is burning oil.

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How do you fix your air conditioner if it is losing liquid and will not get cold?

Have the A/C lines checked for leaks.

Why is your engine losing oil?

A leak, a poor connection or it is burning it.

Does leaking or burning oil cause a spun rod bearing?

Only if it all leaks out.

What are the reasons for very low oil if no signs of leaks or burning?

probably burning it but you just don't see it. The valve seals or rings are probably the source.

Why would a 1993 Mazda 626 smell like burning oil or gas?

it leaks oil.

You see no visible leaks but keep losing power steering fluid why?

There may not be visible leaks, however, that does not mean that there is not a leak. A mechanic will need to run dye through the hose to determine where it is leaking.

Losing water from radiator no leaks?

Check for extra white color in the exhaust,could be a ruptured head-gasket.

How do you know if you blew a head gasket?

Losing coolant with no apparent leaks, White smoke out the exhaust that has a sweet smell to it,

I have been losing coolant in my car and dont see any leaks?

The radiator cap might need replacing.

Why would a pump keep losing it's prime?

Make sure there are no leaks or ways for air to get in the intake side.

How can you tell if your Pontiac 2000 is burning oil?

If it has no visible leaks and you are loosing oil, then it must be burning it. Remove the hose from the PCV valve and see if there is oil in it. If so you will need to be sure that it is venting.

Why does your engine smell of burning oil when it idles?

oil leaking on the ex man fold need to fix the oil leaks

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What could make Water disappear from radiator no leaks?

You could have a small head gasket leak and it is entering the piston chamber and burning up.

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