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Q: Why my videos won't play in vlc or wmp?
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What is a good alternative to the WMP DVD decoder?

A good alternative to the WMP DVD decoder is the VLC media player, which can play DVD movies without the need to run the files through a decoder first.

What multimedia files can be played on the VLC player?

VLC player is capable of recognizing and playing the majority of multimedia files. These include music files such as mp3's and m4a's and video files such as .wmp and .avi.

What is a RealPlayer in technical language?

Not sure what you mean by "technical language", but RealPlayer is just a media player similar to WMP Quick Time or VLC.

Is VLC media player any good or is it better to use WMP or Winamp?

VLC opens (plays) almost every type of file. And it's good for video files. Especially H.265 since it's open source.

How do you un-inverse colors in windows media player when all wmp-videos you find online is in the reverse?

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The songs transferred to your computer from your iPod are unplayable in both iTunes and WMP something to do with the audio codecs and the songs cannot be transferred to the iPod because of this?

Try these... Foobar 2000 Winamp VLC

What does wmp stand for?

WMP stands for Windows Media Player.

Your windows media player will not play a AVI. file.?

windows media player is out dated,there now is a free open source media player called VLC its been around for a while and works way better then WMP. it will play any type of video,DVD,avi ect.. without any additional codecs and its free.

How do you roll back wmp 12 to wmp 11?

Subtract one

What does the abbreviation WMP stand for?

WMP stands for Windows Media Player.

What is the best media players other than WMP and VLC for Windows?

Windows' default isn't TOO tragic, nevermind, who am I kidding, right?I used to use a player called MXPlayer and that did the job for me, it was simple and easy to use. It was fast with loading content too, and was able to play media from a source which I found useful :)

Whomp whomp sound in front end?


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