Why name c language is named as c?

Originally computer languages were seen as levels of thinking. At the basic level were the primitives. The primitives tell the transistors how to function. Transistors can perform very simple functions such as add and compare. That is it. The chip contains the transistors. It is called hardware. It is something you can hold in your hand. Electronic engineers design hardware. Above that process, a programmer becomes involved. At the first level, or A level is assembly language. This is an extremely basic language. It is also called machine language. It tells the computer what information to put in individual registers. It is fast. It is also quite difficult. If you make a mistake, it can be hard to find. It has the advantage that it can create extremely small programs. The next level above Assembly language is the B level. Fortran is such a language. It stands for Formula translation. It uses words similar to English. It is greatly restricted and can not begin to do the same things as Assembler but is helpful in engineering. The next level is the C level. It is supposed to be even easier to understand. While there might be confusion in the formulas, it should not jump all over the place trying to follow the logic as is possible in assembler or fortran. Thus C is simply named after the level in programming. They had to name it C++ to make it a registered trade mark. A D level language would be one that a secretary would use such as a database, spread sheet, or word processor.