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Originally computer languages were seen as levels of thinking. At the basic level were the primitives. The primitives tell the transistors how to function. Transistors can perform very simple functions such as add and compare. That is it. The chip contains the transistors. It is called hardware. It is something you can hold in your hand. Electronic engineers design hardware. Above that process, a programmer becomes involved. At the first level, or A level is assembly language. This is an extremely basic language. It is also called machine language. It tells the computer what information to put in individual registers. It is fast. It is also quite difficult. If you make a mistake, it can be hard to find. It has the advantage that it can create extremely small programs. The next level above Assembly language is the B level. Fortran is such a language. It stands for Formula translation. It uses words similar to English. It is greatly restricted and can not begin to do the same things as Assembler but is helpful in engineering. The next level is the C level. It is supposed to be even easier to understand. While there might be confusion in the formulas, it should not jump all over the place trying to follow the logic as is possible in assembler or fortran. Thus C is simply named after the level in programming. They had to name it C++ to make it a registered trade mark. A D level language would be one that a secretary would use such as a database, spread sheet, or word processor.

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Q: Why name c language is named as c?
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How did the C get its name?

C-language had got its name (as C following B) due to a reason that its features were derived from the language named 'B'.

Why name c language named as c?

It was named C due to the fact that its predecessor was called B, and since the language was a progression from B, they called it C, the next letter in the alphabet after B.

Why c language is named c?

language created after the language 'B' is called as 'c'.

What is Meaning of c in c language?

There is no meaning for the C in C-language. Previously , there was a language called BCPL (Basic combined programming language) ,Ken thompson improved this language and named as B language. After several modifications and inclusion of advanced features such as Pointers , Dennis Richie named it as C , (C comes after B in Alphabetical Order) So , name for that Language came in this way. Later Bjourne Strostrup included Object Oriented features to C , and Named 'C with Classes ' and later C++.

What is meaning of C in C programming language?

It is the name of the language. It was named "C" because many of its features were derived from an earlier language called "B" where "B" was a stripped-down version of the BCPL(Basic Combined Programming Language) programming language.

How c language get its name?

Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson were working on Basic Common Programming Language and B, they added more application features in BCPL and named it as 'C' ( i.e C comes after B in alphabet), since B language was modified , they named it as C, as implementation of B Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson were working on Basic Common Programming Language and B, they added more application features in BCPL and named it as 'C' ( i.e C comes after B in alphabet), since B language was modified , they named it as C, as implementation of B

Why c language has name c why not a?

C-language was derived from B-language.

What is a name of a programming language?

C++ is the name of a programming language.

Why is programming language named C and not simply C?

I am guessing you typed the question wrong, the way I understand your question is "Why is the programming language named C++ and not C ? " The answer to this is that there is a programming language called C, and in that programming language the ++ means increment by one. So C++ is the language C improved, as such it can read and compile all C programs in addition to having other features that C does not have.

Why the C languange named as C?

Because it was based on the B language.

Full form of C?

C does not stand for anything. It was heavily influenced by the B programming language, and was named C as a "successor" language.

Why c language name as c?

Answer this question... language created after the language 'B' is called...

Why did they invented the C programming language?

Before the invention of C, there was a language named 'B'. So, to overcome some drawbacks in this B-language, C had been invented.

What does the C stand for in C programming?

Before C there was BCPL -- Basic Combined Programming Language -- which influenced a language called "B". Then a new language developed as an enhanced version of B, so it was named C.

Why is programming language named C?

C derives from a programming language called B, that existed before it. Since C was something of a successor to it, to indicate the advancement from B., the language is called C, the next letter.

Why programming language c named C?

Most of it's features were derived from an earlier language called B, which was in turn a stripped down version of the language BCPL.

Why the name is given as c programming?

The language was called the "C" language because it was a kind of successor of the "B" language.

How c plus plus get its name?

In the C language, the ++ operator increments the operand. Thus C++ is a shortcut that means C = C + 1. Thus C++ literally means the successor to C.C++ was originally named C with Classes in 1979. It was renamed in 1983.

What is the difference between getchar and getchare?

getchar() is used in c language.getchare() is not used in c language.More specifically to say there is no function in c named getchare().

What is the full form of c plus plus?

C++ is an extension of C language. Initially C++ named as 'C with Classes' but later its changed to C++.

The programming language C is an enhanced version of the programming language C?

Yes, the C++ programming language is an enhanced version of the C programming language.Of note: to increment a variable by 1 in C, you could type myInt++ (i.e. for(int i = 0; i < 1; i++). C++ was named C++ because it is one step above C (C + 1).

Objective questions on C programming language with answers?

For a start: Q: What is the name of the language? A: It is "C".

Why c named c?

because it come aftr language b used before c by mukul chauhan jnit

What is stdio.h means in c language?

In C, it is a file-name.

Why C program is called as 'C'?

It is named c because there was a earlier language called B..for more info goto