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Neurons stop dividing shortly after birth. The reason is that a neuron's function depends on its state and the unique connections that it has formed with other neighboring neurons. All the neurons in your brain and their connections make up the neural network that defines who you are, your experiences, memories, skills etc. If neurons were to multiply, it would introduce arbitrary nodes and connections into that neural network, interfering with the way it has been trained to operate.

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What types of human cells are in the G0 phase?

Neurons is the common example of cells in G0. They no longer divide. If you damage a neuron, the damage tends to be permanent as they are no longer dividing in adults. Another example would be a skeletal muscle fiber, because they are fully differentiated cells that do not divide.

What does neuron cells have?

it aha'j

What are the two types of nerve cells?

motor neuron,sensory neuron,..

What is the name of the cells that support a neuron?

neuroglia (glial cells) - approx 9 glia per 1 neuron

What are the cells that carry a signal?

Neurons are the cells that carry signals from one neuron to another neuron, a muscle, or a gland.

What does a neuron contain?

The neuron are cells that are located within the nervous system that transmit information to the other muscles, gland cells or the nerve cells. The neuron usually contain the dendrites, the axon and the cell body.

Do porifera have nerve cells?

No , Poriferans lack typical neuron cells but they possess some neuron like cells which regulate flow of water . These cells are present around porosites .

What is neuron?

The basic functioning untis of the nervous system are nerve cells or neuron!

Is a neuron a bundle of cells?

Yes it it

Groups of nerve cells?


How does the special structure of a neuron relate to its function?

because neuron is the cells that located in our brain

What happens at a synapses?

The transfers that happens in the synapses conduct biochemical information from the neuron cells. The synapse, or synaptic cleft is the gap between to neuron cells. Nerotransmitters are chemicals that are released from one neuron (known as the pre-synaptic) and bond to receptors on the receiving neuron (known as the post-synaptic). The transfers that happens in the synapses conduct biochemical information from the neuron cells.

What is a motorneuron?

A Motor neuron is a neuron that carries impulses from the spinal cord to muscle cells.A Motor neuron is a neuron that carries impulses from the spinal cord to muscle cells.

Specialized cell that makes up the nervous system?

The cells that makes up the nervous system is the Inter-neuron (circuit neuron), sensory neuron and motor neuron.

When we grow do our cells grow or divide?

Cells divide.

Where is the motor neuron cell located?

The motor neuron cells are all in the brain and the spinal cord.

What part of the neuron performs cleanup tasks and insulates one neuron from another?

glial cells

What are the kinds of cells do you found in animals?

Muscle cells, skeletal cells,neuron cell, epithelial cells...

Are neuron cells round in shape?


Cells that protect and support neuron?


What is Directs all of a cells activities?


What are the reason or factors due to which neuron do not divide?

To minimize cancerous growths. Division can get screwed up (oncogenes/proto-oncogenes) and you want to minimize the risk. This means that neurons do not cause cancer. Glial Cells (neuronal support cells) can cause cancer however because they retain the ability to divide.

Do nerve cells divide?

No nerve cells can never divide

Individual nerve cells are called?

Individual nerve cells are called neuron.

Why do cells divide-?

There are numerous reasons why cells divide. If someone skins their leg, for example, cells will divide for the purpose of replacing cells that have been damaged.

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