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After a little research I found out that the registers for all the vents are opened by vacuum hoses. After checking all the vacum hoses I could find, one hose in engine bay had been severed when a new battery was installed and pinched the hose between the battery and the battery small piece of hose later, and all is working great.

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Vauxhall Corsa 2002 blower working but no heat coming through?

try the head gasket.

How do you repair a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee when the heater is not working?

Need more info like, is the blower working or not, is the air coming out cold or warm when it should be hot, is the air not coming out where it should be.

Heater blower not working?

There is no heater blower is a Honda. The heat created on the air condition system is heated up through a heater core. If there is no heat coming out then the heater core will be the culprit.

What 2003 cavalier blower noise?

If the noise is a squeaking sound, it could be coming from the bearings in the blower fan. It could also be coming from a worn bushing or bearing in the blower motor.

Could the blower motor or the blower resistor be bad in my 2003 jeep wrangler there's no air coming out?

Check all the fuses and relays first. If they all appear to be in good working order, then you'll have to get to the blower motor. Could be a short or the motor could be bad.

Why doesn't the heat work in your 1995 Chevy s10 pickup?

Need to know if the blower is working or not or, the air coming out is cold or warm or hot or, the air (hot or cold) is only coming out the defroster.

What should you check next you have a 2000 Ford Expedition XLT blower motor and fuses are good but you still don't feel nor hear any air coming out of vents?

look in your service manual for blower motor resisters. they are typicaly what goes bad and stops the blower motor from running. i dont know where they are in your vehicle

2002 dodge stratus heat not working?

if no hot air is coming out in park or stopped but little is when goin but faster you go harder it comes out its the blower motor

If heater fan is working but nothing coming out would the problem be blower resistor or switch for 1999 Oldsmobile intrigue?

If the heater fan works on all speeds, then the blower motor, blower fuse, blower relay, and blower motor resistor pack are all good. If the fan runs but nothing comes out of the vents, you have a 'mode door' issue (which might include a bad control head).

Where is the blower motor in your aztek?

The Blower Motor is on the Passenger side, just under the dashboard. It's round, and has a two wire plug coming out of it. If you are having problems with the Blower, it could simply be a loose connection on the plug. Wiggle the wires with the Key ON, and the Fan switch turned On, and see if it starts working.

Why would 2 2007 Kia Optima heater quit working?

Possible leak in the water recirculating system ... or ... the engine thermostat is now working correctly and needs replacement,.

Why is the snowman smiling?

He sees the snow blower coming.

I have a 1993 Chevy s10 blazer The heat works but you can hardly feel it. How would I fix this?

Need to know if the blower is working or not and if the air coming out is hot, warm or cold.

Car is making noise like a leaf blower when I accelerate and it sounds like it's coming from the motor what could it be?

I have experienced the same problem a couple of times recently. I have no idea what this might have been, but it definitely sounded like a leaf blower and it happened twice when engine was at normal operating temperature. At first, I thought the noise was coming from outside (somebody using the blower), then, when I realized it is coming from under the hood I stopped and checked. However, I could not pinpoint the problem. Did you get this resolved and /or look at? Please share your experience.

Why is the AC air cold and the blower is working but no air is coming out of the vents on a Chevy Astro van 6 Cy?

Vacuum hose that runs over the thermostat housing is leaking at that location.

What if the AC on your 97 5.7L 4 door 4WD Tahoe blows very cold but does not blow powerfully even if it's set on high?

A vehicle air conditioner has two basic components; the compressor, and the fan, or blower. If the compressor is working, the air coming out of the vents will be cold, but if the blower is not working, the air will not come out very fast. Hot wire the blower to the battery, to bypass any fuses or switches, and see if the blower will run. If it does, but will not run when connected normally, check the fuse for the blower. If it is good, you would be wise to take the vehicle to an automotive electrical specialist to have them troubleshoot it.

Why heat or air isn't workning?

Can you feel anything coming out of the vents. Also if you turn on the dial that controls the speed of the blower, and you dont feel anything coming out then you need a fuse or blower motor or mabe a resister for the blower motor. I would have to say that 8 out of 10 times its usually the blower motor resistor. Hope this helps

Why there is smoke coming from your home ac?

Blower motor may be burning out.

Why would your 95 ford contour have heat coming out but doesnt blow it for the AC or heater?

Bad blower motor? Blown blower motor fuse? Bad fan switch? Bad blower resistor pack?

Why my fb is not working?

even my fb is not working it is coming like

Where is the water coming from in the blower motor 1998 Chevy pickup?

Heater core leaking?

'Where is blower motor resistor on 2002 envoy located'?

under the dash on right side next to blower moter it has a connector containing 7 wires going to it and 2 wires coming straight out of it going to the blower motor

When putting on brakes no brake lights and defrost fan stops when on hi speed problem is?

The brake lights not coming on could either be a blown fuse or the stoplight switch located on the brake pedal mount could be bad. The blower fan stopping on high but working on the rest is likely the blower motor resistor going bad.

Why is the AC air cold and the blower working but no air is coming out of the vents?

The Freon probably needs to be recharged. Any repair shop should be able to do this. They should also test the system for leaks to see why the Freon leaked out to begin with.

Why doesn't 1997 Chevy Suburban's dash board blower work?

If the blower works on the defrost mode only, you could have a disconnected vacuum supply line coming from the engine. If the blower motor doesn't work on any mode or speed you could have a blown fuse, burned out blower motor speed resistor, bad switch or a bad blower motor.

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