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Why oceans are salty?

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Because the salt dissolved from the earth is transported by rivers in seas.

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Where are oceans the saltiest?

All the oceans are salty not one is more salty than the other the same is with seas.

Is the Pacific Ocean salty?

Yes, all oceans are salty.

What make oceans water different from the water in lakes and streams?

The water in oceans are salty. Lakes and streams are not salty.

Are the Pacific and Indian Oceans saltwater?

All oceans are salty.

How do erosion and deposition affect the oceans?

They make the oceans water salty.

What ocean is not salty?

all oceans are salty, but the Arctic Ocean has the least salt

Where are salty seas?

All seas and oceans are salty. Those near the Equator tend to be slightly more salty.

Is the Indiana ocean salty or fresh?

Salty. It's connected to all oceans, which are all saltwater, therefore, it is salty.

How did the early oceans become salty?

The oceans became salty as soon as the earth was warm enough for the rivers to flow and rain to fall. Rivers carry dissolved solids from land into the oceans.

Contrast the water in oceans with fresh water?

oceans are salty and fresh water is not

What is the definition of 'oceans'?

all 7 large bodies of salty water!!

The early oceans became salty when?

dissolved solids were carried from land into oceans

How salty is the Caspian Sea?

From what I've read , its approximately 1/3 as salty as the oceans.

Are all oceans salty?

some not all

Are rivers salty like oceans?

No they are not the same.

How can you determine why oceans are salty?

whale seamen

Did oceans start off salty?

I believe that all water was originally salty, but freshwater formed when water evaporated out of the oceans and condensed somewhere else.

Why is the water in oceans salty?

Salt is dissolved from the Earth and transported in oceans/seas by rivers.

Why are the oceans so salty?

Salt is dissolved from the Earth and transported in oceans/seas by rivers.

If freshwater rivers drain into the oceans does that make the oceans become less salty?


What oceans are salty?

yes, they are salty ,with the help of sea water and ocean water we make salt.

What is more salty ocean or sea?

The Dead Sea is more salty than any of the Oceans.

Is there a possibility that the sea will get less salty or not salty at all?

Most unlikely. If sea levels reduce the oceans will become more salty.

Why does the ocean have such a salty taste?

Oceans have a salty taste because oceans are full of sodium chloride (NaCl) or better known by its common name which is 'salt'. Your mouth is able to taste 'salt' so that's why it's salty.

Are oceans salty because rivers carry salt as they flow to the oceans?

Rivers do carry salt.