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If we look around we observe or get everything but love. As the world is heading towards the end of 21st century we as human beings have become more and more busy with our practical , career , student lives. Rarely we spend time with our families, either busy with work , or doing presentations for our college. The trend of sitting toegther, gossiping sharing is no longer as apparent as it used to be a couple of decades before. Today's fast paced lives apart from all the latest technologies we own , still has occupied us to the core of our daily chores.

Our busy lives leave us no time for ourselves or our families or loved ones. Frustrations have gathered us , daily living tensions , problems and troubles leave us no quality time. World has become more selfish with time. Heavy competiton in todays world has made people to think only for the betterment of themselves rather than the betterment of the society. Leg pulling, backbiting , heavy jealousy all are common traits we can observe today. this is all due to the heavy effort of achieving respectable living standards. Everyone wants to become become better off which is usually done through making others worse-off

All said and done above, with no one to trust or believe , with no solid common friendships, pure relationships , one does feel isolated at times. Obviously one cannot live alone by themselves all the time . We as human beings are social animals. We need surroundings of people to let our feelings out and convey our emotions to one another. I think that's why we all die for love in this world because one does not feel complete wothout love. Love of any form fullfills a soul and once that's done people really feel like the king of the world.

I guess to take a few minutes out of the 24 hours we get each day to contact either a long lost friend, an old relative , family members wouldn't cost too much. Loving is the highest ranked emotion we humans can give to one another and to be loved is like the most heavenly feeling , sensation ever. Our busy schedules don't leave us any time to love our friends family relatives. The sanctity of the relationships is tarnished once time or love is not provided. I believe if we truly respect the relationships we have been granted we wouldn't die after love rather have it within the palm of our own hands.

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