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Why pressure builds up in your hayward de filter after an hour of cleaing and recharging it?


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July 14, 2009 7:23PM

One of two things or both is likely. First, when was the last time the filter grids or fingers were chemically cleaned? If the filter was ever run without DE powder, or too little, the grids will get clogged with detritus and require more extensive cleaning rather than just backwashing. Secondly, over time body oil, suntan lotion and personal care products will attach to the grids and you cannot rinse them away. If you use a Biguanide system like Baquacil, Revacil or Soft Swim, you will also need to chemically clean the filter more frequently. Get a good filter cleaning solution from your local pool store, soak overnight, rinse and repeat if necessary. Pool & Spa