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Why profits are import to a private sector organisation?

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i don't know yet that's why i ask you

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What is public sector and private sector organization?

A "public sector" organisation is one that is controlled by the government. It is called "public" because the government is responsible to the entire public. An example of a public sector organisation is the Department of Justice, or a police or fire department. A "private sector" organisation is one that is owned and controlled by private individuals, not the government and usually exists to make a profit for its shareholders. Both large and small corporations are considered to be private sector organisations. A private sector organisation does not have the same responsibility to the public that a public sector organisation does; its main responsibility is to its shareholders (the people who own it).

Is asda a private sector organisation?

Sidney is gay

What is public sector and private sector organisation?

The public sector is the organization which is controlled or under government and private sector is the organization which is owned by private owners like Wal Mart, KFC, ect.

Can the public sector companies compete with the private sector in terms of profits and efficiency?

No such thing as a public sector company, only tax funded services paid for by private companies profit

Difference between public and private sector money?

There are three types of economies, private,public, and mixed. The private sector is established mainly for personal or private profits and is not governed by the state. The public sector is governed by the state only and mixed economy means that both the private and public sector play a role in the economy.

How can the private sector respond to reduce poverty and create employment?

The private sector can aid the economy by generating profits. This will allow for them to invest in more research and in creating new businesses. Also, the taxes on their profits can be used to create anti-poverty programs.

Differences and similarities between public and private sector?

the most important difference between public and private sectors is that private sector mostly makes profits and public sector wastes citizens' taxes without no control. however, there is no similarity between them.

Is Hilton Hotel a Private or Public organisation?

Prvate sector ( the main aim is to make profit)

Aim of a public sector business?

The aim of a public sector business, is to make profits just like the private sector. Public sector is run by the government on behalf of the public and mostly offer government services.

How many private sector employees?

Sir, I am working at private sector organisation in last 13 years my payment is Rs.8550.00 only no other benefit. can you tell me how much money got to me the gratuity ? ..

What is the difference between public sector goods and private sector goods?

Public sector goods are made for the benefit of people, and are controlled by the government or local authorities. Therefore, the aim is not profit maximisation but to help the public, such as bus services and the BBC. Private sector goods are made in order to gain profits for the business, and come from businesses owned by private individuals. An example of a private sector good would be a garment from a highstreet store.

Difference between private sector and public sector?

Private sector is private industry and the Public sector is Government related.

Which are Private sector projects on the sea ports?

Import, export, Warehousing., distribution, ship repairs, tug boat operators,

Is Coca Cola a public sector or a private sector company?

Is a private sector

What is private administration?

public administration means the organisation and management of human and material resources for the goal of the public or GOVERNMENT.Pulic administration aims at achieving the goal of the PRIVATE SECTOR.

Is the NFL a public sector or private sector?


What is publice sector and private sector organisation?

The public sector is a part of the state that deals with the delivery of goods and services by and for the government, whether national, regional or local/municipal.Examples of public sector activity range from delivering social security, administering urban planning and organizing national defenses.In economics, the private sector is that part of the economy which is both run for private profit and is not controlled by the state. By contrast, enterprises that are part of the state are part of the public sector; private, non-profit organizations are regarded as part of the voluntary sector.

What can public sector and private sector learn from each other?

what can public sector learn from private sector

Is microsof pulbic or private sector?

Microsoft is in the private sector.

What do you mean by private sector banks?

Private sector banks is a bank that is owned by the private individual. Thats bank called private sector bank.

How does the private sector differ from the public sector?

the government dosen't run the private sector companies.

Aim of a private sector business?

* a private sectors aim is to maximise profits or increase market shares. * they set objectives to be able to acheive it * for instance to advertise more attractive things

What are private sector and public sector?

Private sector are things that are owned by people. Public sector are things that are owned by the government.

Differences between public sector accounting and private sector accounting?

The difference between public sector and private sector is that when you're in the public sector you work for the government whereas private sector is not. Same applies to accounting.

What are private sector wages?

They are the wages paid to employees in the private sector.