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Why put an onion in a roast chicken?

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To flavour the meat. Other choices could be apples for a sweeter flavour, garlic for a strong flavour, or your own favorite spice!

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Can you eat sage and onion stuffing?

Yes, it goes well with roast chicken.

How do you cook roast chicken?

put it in a oven and

Can roast beef and cream of chicken go together?

Yes they can! In the slow cooker, add a can of cream of chicken soup and a can of french onion soup with some roast beef :) Then let it cook on high for 3-4 hours, Then put it on a roll of your cheese, top with lots of cheese. SO DELICIOUS!

Food flow diagram on roast chicken?

1. put in oven.

Is roast chicken healthy?

yes roast chicken is healthy

What is roasted chicken?

A roast chicken is a chicken that you roast in the oven and then eat it... its really good:)

How do you git meders on mystery dungin?

open an oven and put roast chicken in

What liquids beside water can you put in the crock pot for a roast?

Chicken Broth

What is the traditional accompaniment for roast chicken?

Bread sauce ,roast gravy,roast potato and boiled vegetables are the accompaniments for roast chicken

Why roast chicken child friendly?

why isnt roast chicken child friendly......

How many minutes to roast a chicken at 350?

It is 2 hours to roast a chicken

Is it better to boil or roast a chicken?


When you roast a whole chicken do you put a lid on it?

No, not unless you want a steamed chicken or if the chicken tips are burning. If you want a chicken that is nice and brown leave the lid off.

How much chicken does it take to make roast beef?

None. Roast beef does not contain chicken or chicken by-products.

What seasoning do you put in chicken?

It depends on your preference. But sage and onion stuffing is still popular.

What are the common accidents in food services?

puttin the chicken in the onion instead of the onion in the chicken

Is roasting chicken a physical change?

Yes, it is a physical change, because if you roast a chicken it is still a chicken it did not form a new substance you only roast the chicken but it is still a chicken.

How long do you cook roast chicken weight 1.852 kg?

how long to cook roast chicken 1.852kg

How long do I roast a 5Lb chicken?

Put it on middle shelf for 3hours and check every 30 minutes!

What can you make with roast chicken?

Any kind of vegetable or salad would go very well with roast chicken.

Can you roast a whole chicken in the oven overnight?

Yes, if you cook it on a very low setting. (150°) Put the chicken in a pyrex or oven safe dish. Cover chicken with a foil tent.

What is chicken char siu?

Roast/Barbecued chicken. The term Char siu is usually related to roast pork though.

Roast chicken frozen?

"Gorewitch" You are a discrace to the roast chicken TRIBE of the amazon

Do you cover a chicken when you roast it?

Yes you do

Can you roast a chicken in a good toaster oven?

A whole chicken is probably too large to roast in most toaster ovens. You might try the regular oven instead or only roast pieces of the chicken. Make sure that the chicken is fully cooked before eating.

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