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Why rain affect satellite?


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The satellite is in space, the satellite receiver is on Earth. The rain is in the atmosphere between the satellite and the receiver. The more rain, the more of the signal from the satellite will be used up by the atmosphere on its way down instead of reaching the receiver.

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Yes. Severe weather, especially heavy rain or snow, can interfere with the transmission between the satellite and your receiving dish.

Inclement weather in the form of heavy rain, snow, or thick cloud cover can affect your satellite signal - it is known as rain fade. The satellite signal is fragmented as it attempts to pass through the heavy rain drops causing signal loss or pixelation (breaking up). This occurs with all satellite signal.

No fog does not affect Satellite TV.

A satellite dish relies on signals from a satellite to operate. As the signal must pass through the atmosphere, weather conditions can sometimes adversely affect the signal strength. Snow, rain, dust are all capable of disrupting the reception of many small satellite dishes. The bigger the dish, the less risk of signal drop out.

Yes, in a heavy rain or snow, reception on Dish Network or DirectTV drops out. The weather at the time blocks the signal temporarily. Also sunspots and solar flares affect satellite transmissions also. There are ways to minimize this, such as multiple satellite dish receptions and etc.

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The same things that affects SD satellite broadcasts will affect the HD broadcasts. Rain fade is the most common problem resulting in signal loss during moderate to heavy rainfall.

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Cable generally is more reliable than satellite dishes due to it's physical nature. It's connected directly from the supplier to your television instead of intercepting signals using a dish. While severe weather can affect your cable line, a satellite dish can be knocked out by mere rain.

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