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AnswerRelays rated for AC/DC use: the DC rating being lower than the AC, This is because DC can establish an arc across the contacts which cause the contacts to burn more,so they are rated lower.When I use relays on DC I will use double pole relays an put the contacts in series this gives a wider gap when the relay opens and helps exstinguish the arc quicker.Hope this helps.


Reply: How is putting the two sets contacts in series going to help?The same potential is still being broken at the first set of contacts.>-------------0___0--------0___0---------->Parallel would make more sense to me, since then the current would be split between the two sets of contacts.

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Q: Why relay contact haS two different ratings for AC VOLTAGE and DC VOLTAGE?
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What causes contact chatter in electrical circuit?

Overload can cause contact chatter. Once the contact closes, the voltage in the circuit collapses and that causes the relay to drop out. At this pint the relay energizes, since the voltage is back. This cycle will continue on.

What happens when a relay is operated beyond its rated voltage or current?

Generally speaking, a relay is an electrically operated switch. As such, there are two sets of ratings associated with a relay. The operating voltage will be specified, and the ratings of the contacts are also set down. As regards exceeding the operating voltage, this will cause excessive current to flow in the relay when it is energized. If the voltage is not significantly higher than the rating, and if the relay is not operated often or for long, it will function normally, but probably with a shorter life. At some point, excessive operating voltage will cause the coil in the relay to fail. Operating a relay to energize an electrical circuit with a higher voltage or current than the relay is designed for will shorten the life of the contacts in the relay. Higher voltage and current will quickly burn the contacts and destroy them. This is particularly true if that voltage or current is significantly higher than the ratings set by those who designed and constructed the relay. Things might work for a short time, but not for long.

How do you Calculate the contact rating of relay for AC and DC?

On the side of the relay there is a name plate that tells you the current carrying capacity of the contacts. It gives you the ratings at different AC voltages and a DC rating of the contacts at different voltages.

What is the current rating for a 48 VDC contact relay?

The current ratings of the contacts of a relay are written on the side of the protective envelope that covers the contacts.

Wire to electric fuel pump has low voltage?

if you have checked the voltage with a dvom then you need to verify that the power source at the fuel pump relay is correct, if it has the correct voltage pre-relay then your problem is post-relay. if the voltage is not correct pre-relay then simply trace and repair the power source. if the problem is post relay then check the output voltage directly at the relay, if voltage is good trace and repair line from relay to pump. if voltage is not correct then replace the fuel pump relay

Drop out voltage of a solid state relay?

Typically, when the coil voltage on a relay is decreased gradually, the relay "hold" will release at a certain voltage. This is usually defined as the Drop-out voltage (defined at some minimum value). Now, in the case of latching relay, the Drop-out voltage is called the Reset voltage.

What is overvoltage relay?

a relay that operates wen the voltage exceeds a particular set value is called over voltage relay

How a dry contact can break 220V circuit?

The fact that it is a dry contact has nothing to do with the amount of voltage it will handle. Contact voltage capacities are rated by the air space between live parts. The further the space, the higher the voltage will be allowed. What limits the contacts are the amount of current they can conduct. Usually relay contacts have the contact rating printed on the side of the relay enclosure. The terminology of a dry contact is, a contact in another piece of equipment that is used to close a relay in a "hot" complete circuit. e.g. An automatic transfer switch has a dry contact that when it closes on a power failure it closes the circuit for the engine start circuit to start the generator.

What is Under voltage relay?

Under voltage relay provides a signal (Contacts) when the supplied voltage drops below a preset value.

What is the voltage from ecu to fuel pump relay 94 Hyundai scoupe?

The exact measurement of voltage from ECU to fuel pump relay 94 Hyundai Scoupe is unknown. Test it on your neighbour first. If he passes out upon contact, then it is good to go.

What voltage does a potential relay operate from?

The voltage for a potential relay will depend on the circuit that the relay is installed in. The relay can be made for low voltages (5v) to higher voltages (440.)

What is AC rating DC rating wrt Relay contact or contact of contactor?

The contact rating is normally given in AMPs or HP and refers to the load the "switch" in the relay can handle. The manufacture will specify the relay contact rating in the data sheet. This rating depends on the current being controlled by the relay, the connection type (how the relay is mounted) and the duty. A Normally open relay in pilot duty (clicked closed all day) may be only 10% of the same relay in intermitted contact duty. DC current requires a higher contact rating then AC. For example a relay rated at 1A @ 24vdc should also handle 1A @ 120vac and as the voltage increases the contact rating will lessen.

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