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Scurvy is a disease that occurs in the mouth when the body lacks vitamins, specifically vitamin C. Before the invention of fridges and freezers and many other preservatives, there was no way to keep food from going bad other than salt (which admittedly, didn't work very well). Sailors often went on long journeys exploring or trading, and any fruits or vegetables they had would go bad long before being able to restock again.

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Q: Why scurvy called sailors disease?
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What sailors disease resulted from a deficiency of vitamin c?

The disease is called scurvy.

A common disease among sailors used to be scurvy what is its cause?

Vitamin C deficiency. It was solved by sailors bringing limes with them on their trips, which is why sailors were called "limeys".

What disease did sailors get from a lack of fruit and vegetable?


When sailors had no fresh food to eat what disease could they get?


Which disease did sailors get if they didn't have enough fresh fruit and vegetables?


What is the name of the disease sailors got from not getting enough vitamin?


What disease did the sailors have in the Tudor times?

scurvy, black death or food poisoning

Which disease did sailors get if they didn't eat enough vegetables?

It was scurvy - a disease causing weakness, anaemia, gingivitis (gum disease - teeth falling out), and skin haemorrhages caused by a prolonged deficiency of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in the sailors' diet.

Use scurvy in a sentence?

'You scurvy dog(s)!' '...when the ship was struck with scurvy...' (Meaning the disease which comes about with a lack of fruit in the diet. Usually happened to sailors.)

Why were British sailors called limies?

British sailors were issued lime juice as a remedy for scurvy.

How did sailors get rid of scurvy?

Sailors got rid of scurvy by eating healthy stuff but most sailors died.

Scurvy was called a sailor's disease?

Your question is unclear, but if you're asking WHY it was nicknamed a sailor's disease... It is because sailors travelled for months, sometimes years without a good supply of Vitamin C/Fruits and Vegetables and so it was common for sailors to develop Scurvy. But after a while limes were taken on board ships to prevent this.

What disease did vitamin d cure for ancient sailors?

Scurvy? No, more like hunger, and vitamin D deficiency (from lack of exposure to the sun?). Ancient sailors struggled to get sufficient vitamin C, which is what led to scurvy.

Why people caught the disease scurvy?

People back then did not "Catch" scurvy because scurvy is not a disease. Scurvy is a form of malnutrition (lack of vitamin C) It was most common on ships at sea where they ate mostly cured and preserved meat. Even potatoes would have kept scurvy from happening. When they found out that they could take lime trees on the ship with them, feeding lime to the sailors in the form of juice kept scurvy from occurring. The practice of eating the juice of limes was started by the British Navy. To this day, British sailors are often called 'limejuicers', or simply, "Limeys".

Why scurvy is called sailors disease?

Hundreds of years ago, sailors used to get this disease from a lack of vitamin C. There was no good way to store citrus fruit on long voyages and the sailors would become sick. English sailors used to be nicknamed 'limeys'. That is bacause they would bring limes with them and suck on the limes to prevent scurvey.

How did sailors avoid scurvy?

Sailors ate Sauerkraut to prevent scurvy because it was high in vitamin C and a lack of vitamin C can cause scurvy

What disease was most common among sailors?

It is hard to say which is most common, but scurvy, caused by vitamin C deficiency, was very prevalent among sailors.

What is Scurvy and what are some Symptoms?

Scurvy is a disease that sailors usually get out at sea because of lack of Vitamin C. The symptoms of Scurvy: loss of teeth, sunken eyes, pale skin and feeling unwell.

What did many sailors and convicts suffer from on the first fleet?

They Suffered From Scurvy, Which Is A Disease Which Results In The Deficiency Of Vitamin C Whilst scurvy was a minor problem on the First Fleet, it did not afflict the sailors and convicts as much as diseases such as dysentery did.

Why DON'T sailors get scurvy today?

Scurvey is the deficiency disease of vitamin C. Sailors consume vitamin C as tablets while on long journeys to avoid scurvey.

How was scurvy prevented?

Sailors usually prevented scurvy by eating fruit.

What is the disease called what citrus fruits prevent?


Why was scurvy called the sailors scourge?

Scurvy is caused by a lack of vitamin C. Sailors were especially susceptible to it because on long voyages, they had limited access to fresh fruits (and vegetables) unlike people on land. Supposedly, British sailors got the nickname "Limeys" because they carried limes on board to eliminate scurvy.

Scurvy was a common disease amongst?

Sailors. Many long trips across the ocean left them deficient in vitamin C. Later sailors ate Limes on the ships for their vitamin C. Sailors were then known as Limeys.

Which saloirs recover from the scurvy?

Scurvy is the name for a vitamin defficency disease- the vitamin missing is Vitamin C. Sailors in the British Navy were given lime juice, which has a high vitamin C content, and did not get scurvy. Which is how the British got the nickname "limies".