Why ship's insulation falls down during dry docking?

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because its not in water
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What is docking?

It's some gross stuff dude. It's where a dude- you know what, nevermind. You really don't need to know.

What are the jobs undertaken during a dry-dock?

1.inspection of sea chest. 2.inspection of hull structure. cargo tanks, ballast tanks, engine room fuel oil tks.. 3.FW tanks inspection and cleaning. 4.clearance of rudar. 5.clearing choke sounding pipe. 6.renewal of new steel on main on hole area. 7.renewal of angles on deck. 8.repairing of ( Full Answer )

What is a dry dock?

This appears to be a normal docking area for large boats that cannot be hoisted by crane out of the water. Once a boat has pulled in, and is shored up underneath, to be drained of all the water, thus leaving the boat in "dry dock" for repairs. When repairs are completed, the area is filled up with w ( Full Answer )

Can blow dry make your hair fall out?

i always blow out my hair and my hair hasn't fallen out it is actually better than straightning your hair which would most likely mess it up give u dead ends burn it but blowin out your hair doubt it but all i know it that it hasn't happen to me everyone is different and has different type of hair

Why during sex I a female get dry?

This happens to many girls. the best way to avoid any discomfort is to get some personal lubricant to help yourself allong.

How does a jacket insulate heat during the winter?

jackets are insulators so it starts leaving the heat of the jacket inside. Jackets with fur inside are the warmest kinds of jackets not just because they have fur but even without fur they are still warm,anyways they are warm because the heat during the winter is cold and Insulators stop the energy ( Full Answer )

How does a dry dock work?

Dry dock does work as a safe place to build floating machines(ships, submarines , floating dry docks,etc...) or a safe place to repair the mentioned machines or a safe place to scrap the same mentioned machines completely.

Where was the dry dock that fitted out titanic?

the titanic was built in irland in a dry dock but was not fitted out in a dry dock and like many big ships like aircraft carriers, cruise liners etc the titanic was fitted out once she was afloat, this would cut down the amount of time she took up in the dry dock and that would cut down the cost of ( Full Answer )

Why did Niagara Falls run dry in 1848?

On the night of March 29, 1848, both sides of Niagara Falls inexplicably ran dry: Apparently an ice jam had formed on Lake Erie, which blocked the water that normally flowed along the Niagara River and over the falls. This "drought" lasted for 30 hours, until the weather and the winds "uncorked" the ( Full Answer )

What happens when a players pants fall down during a game of tennis?

In the event of a "wardrobe malfunction" during a USTA or professional tennis match, the current point would continue to be played until one of the players has won that point. Generally speaking, the player so affected would be given a brief amount of time to quickly change clothing on the court pre ( Full Answer )

Description standard maintenance task during ship dry docking?

the condition of the vessel is been updated ..following points to keep in mind before dry dock.. 1. corrosion protection i.e. hull & machinery space . 2. any defects in the equipments on navigation bridge. 3. any defects in machinery in engine room is rectified. 4. condition of ballast tanks & cargo ( Full Answer )

What makes hair dry and fall out?

if you dont take a shower everyday,you dont brush it,if you dont cut every once in a while and if you use way too much hair spray, chemicals, or anything that is just not full of nutrients for your hair.

What does down fall is?

To me, this question DOES NOT make any sense! But i'll change the question. What happens when you fall down? Answer: 1. Sometimes you can BLEED! 2. I dont have time now.... sry bye!

Is dry wall an insulator?

While drywall, or gypsum board, does give insulation value it is not a high amount, a 1/2" piece of drywall will only raise the r-value by .45, if you are looking to improve the insulation of a wall you are much better off using rigid foam insulation. An extruded polystyrene board, that's Styrofoam, ( Full Answer )

How does drying food slow down decay?

Where there is water, there is life, and life eats food, and when it eats food, your food decays. Drying food makes any microorganisms die or have trouble doing anything, saving your food for you.

Why raindrops fall down?

raindrops fall because of gravity during the precipitation part of the water cycle. the water in occeans evaporate and store as water vapor in clouds. then wen theres too much, the water starts falling as rain from gravity. =]

Why do buildings fall down during an earthquake?

An earthquake sends out seismic waves that may cause the ground toshake up and down or side-to side. This can put an enormous amountof stress on buildings. Side-to-side shaking is especiallydamaging, as buildings are desiging to withstand the verticalstress of their own weight, but not this sideways ( Full Answer )

Why is your skin dry during pregnancy?

Your whole body is giving the baby everything it needs including your Hydration. If this dry skin is particular to the areas that are 'growing' (breasts, belly, rear end, feet) it is also due to the stretching. Drink more water and have your partner give you a massage with some Vitamin E lotion when ( Full Answer )

How do you make dry skin fall off?

If the dry skin is on your heels, you can use a pumice stone. Otherwise, use a moisturizer, in order to allow soothing of the underlying skin, while the dry skin gradually works its way off.

Is blown down means fall down?

It most certainly could. Example: "The paper hanging on the wall was blown down by the wind coming through the open window" means "The paper hanging on the wall fell down because of the wind coming through the open window" Hope I helped:)

What was on the ships docking in North Vietnam during the Vietnam War?

Soviet (Russian) cargo ships were unloading MiG17, MiG21, and mostly SAM missiles to the North Vietnamese Air Force and Ground Defense Units. Chicom MiG19 jets were transported across the Red Chinese border into North Vietnam via trucks or rail (or flown in by NVAF pilots). The above countries/met ( Full Answer )

Why do you blow dry the plastic window insulation?

Basically, in order to be able to see more clearly through it. Also, I noticed that if I dont blow the plastic-tight, then the wind has a tendancy to rattle and move the plastic sheeting back and forth so much that it will loosen and come unstuck from the window frame.

Who took over Dry Dock Savings Bank?

From the NY Times: New York State regulators closed the Dollar Dry Dock Bank yesterday and named the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as receiver. Most of its customers' deposits were sold to the Emigrant Savings Bank, a much stronger bank that has avoided the losses from real estate loans th ( Full Answer )

Was the Thompson dock a dry dock?

the Thompson Dock was the worlds largest dry dock in 1911, so yes it was, and it helped create Titanic and its sister vessels Olympic and Britannic. :)

Can a girl get dry during dry humping?

Yes the friction causes heat , that cause her to run dry and could lead to her bearings ceasing up , so do it properly , get her naked..... "geez where do they come up with these questions"

What is the purpose of dry-dock?

A dry-dock is where boats and ships are built, and where they are placed when they go in for refit. A dry-dock allows workers to access various components affixed to the outer hull below the waterline. It also allows them to clear the hull of micro organisms which slow the ship down when underway. S ( Full Answer )

What if you fall down?

That is very vague. But, judging by the provided information, you will instantly die. My name is Tim Hoy and I have a PhD in falling.

Can you dry clean a down comforter?

Dry cleaning a down comforter is the practical method. Attempting to wash one at home will lead to the down bunching up in corners or forming lumps elsewhere. The comforter will never thoroughly dry and will smell musty. The damp down can mildew leading to allergies.

In regards to ships and boats what is a dry dock used for?

A dry dock is used for the construction, maintenance and repair of ships and boats. You can learn more about dry docks at the Wikipedia. Once on the page, type "Dry dock" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the information.

Why does the fog from the dry ice fall?

The "fog" from dry ice is carbon dioxide gas, which chills the water vapor in the air down to the dew point, at which time the water condenses into microscopic water droplets, and it becomes "fog". It falls, because the carbon dioxide (and condensed water) are heavier than regular air.

What is a dock?

The A-Dock is made for a Mac OS. It is used as an applicationlauncher and switcher.