Why should Frank de Jong be elected as leader of the Green party?

Please Please read before oct 10.......

I think you should vote for him because he is a really nice person and most likely helping you by traveling from place to place and saving more money then what you PAY right now.(right now you....)

Pay to go to a catholic school......(why not go to a public school for free?!)

walk about five blocks down the street since theres no transit that go that direction.....(why not have a bus that goes down a neighbour hood?)

in some schools you pay even public(but wouldn't you want it to be a minimum fee like in European contries).....way cheaper.

you go on those slow streetcars.....don't you want fast ones for crist sake?!...(why wait 14 years if you can have it in the next year or 2?)

probably know somene who had a sickness and died...(wouldn't you want preventive health so that no one gets sick in the first place!)

the point is that if you were to vote for the green party things would change and be way better than right now.....other party platforms are rasing the money....that's great but its not like your're going to get 9 10 billion dollars.....think.....don't you want a better community?

If you do vote for the green party.....TRUST ME...THINGS WILL BE REALLY EASY FOR YOU....(do you really want to keep wasting money when you could be saving..........vote Frank De Jong.......A VOTE FOR FRANK IS A VOTE FOR THE BETTER*.........