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A urine sample should be fresh and maintained fresh until testing because bacteria can reproduce between the time of collection and the time of testing.

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Why is boric acid inside a urine sample bottle?

This is to preserve the urine sample until its tested.

Why is it important to collect a fresh sample of urine?

Because if you don't have a fresh sample you won't get an accuate reading.

What is tested when urine sample is given?

The first morning urine will give the best result.

Can males be tested for chlamydia?

Men can be tested for chlamydia. Typically, the test is done on a urine sample.

How long does a urine sample stay good for if being tested for THC?

A urine sample usually lasts up to 7 days if frozen.

How can you keep a human urine sample fresh?

keep it in the fridge

Can you store urine for 3 days before taking a pregnancy test?

No . The urine should be tested immediately with a home test or the sample provided at the doctor's office or clinic. Sometimes you will be asked to bring a sample to the lab of the 1st urine you pass in the morning. But it should be that same day, not stored for 3 days.

How can you be tested for alcohol?

Testing for alcohol can be performed with an alcohol breath machine, with a sample of blood drawn, with a sample of urine, with a sample of mouth fluid, or with a sample of sweat.

Can the same urine sample be tested twice for drugs?

Only a small amount is used for any given test so a sample could be tested many times.

Would an infected urine sample sent for culture be automatically be tested for drugs?


What could cause a urine sample to not be the right temperature?

If temperature is being used to verify that the urine came from the correct person the temperature of the sample is an indicator that the urine is/may not be a fresh/valid sample...if the temperature is lower than expected.

What is a fresh fractional urine test for?

collected at a specific time and is tested for of glucose and acetone

Should you be scared to get checked for chlamydia?

Getting checked for chlamydia is as easy as putting a urine sample in a cup. It's better to know your status; get yourself tested.

How do you know you don't have gonorrhea again?

To know whether you have gonorrhea, you should get tested. Testing is simple and painless, using a urine sample or an oral or anal swab.

How long can a urine sample be kept for if it is being tested for alcohol?

6 hours, 12 hours in the refirgerator.

What effect may bacterial contamination have on urine pH?

Bacterial contamination will cause no effects if the sample is tested directly after collection. However, if the sample is allowed to sit, bacteria will multiply and raise the urine pH. Urine pH above 8 is abnormal.

Can they tell if urine came from your body?

The only way to be sure is if they actually watch you urinate and supply the sample to be tested.

If your first urine samle was positive can a split urine sample come up negative?

It depends on how the first sample was tested. If the first half was tested on a dipstick test and you KNOW you haven't been doing drugs--say, you're taking naproxen sodium for knee pain and you come up positive for marijuana (naproxen cross-reacts with the THC test), testing the split sample with GC/MS should clear you. OTOH, if you smoke weed and your first sample came up positive on GC/MS, assume the split sample will also be positive.

How long is a urine sample good for if frozen?

It's not good anymore for testing once cold, it has to be fresh warm urine for the test to work properly.

How long is urine good for when refrigerated for use in a drug test?

When you submit a urine sample at the drug testing laboratory, the temperature of the urine is tested and you cannot bring a sample of urine which has been in the fridge. Once the urine is delivered, it is tested before it is refrigerated. There are changes in urine which can be detected by a microscope to see if it has been in the fridge even if you do manage to warm it to body temperature at delivery to the lab. Reputable labs will test for any kind of alteration in the composition of the urine. It is not advisable to attempt to cheat on a drug test.

How do you get tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea?

Testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea usually involves a swab or urine sample, depending on the patient history.

What does a 90 degree urine sample mean?

that its old, fresh urine samples are usually between those temperatures. So if taking a drug test it can spotted that someone may have brought in someone else's urine because it isn't hot/fresh

Why is urine tested?

Urine is tested by doctors if they suspect cystitus or if you are diabetic

How are chlamydia and gonorrhea diagnosed?

Chlamydia and gonorrhea are tested with a sample of fluid from the vagina, urethra, rectum, throat, or eyes. Most commonly, a urine sample is used. Testing is painless.

Why does a drug tests urine sample get split up in to 2 samples to get tested?

So that the sample can be run twice. It's a standard in forensic science to that verifies the results of testing.