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Astronauts should not be going to Mars in the first place. It is unlikely that they could survive long since Mars is extremely cold (the North pole is balmy by comparison), extremely dry (the Sahara Desert is a rain forest by comparison), and has an extremely thin atmosphere (well beyond any chance of supporting life). Don't be fooled by the gullies and canyons of Mars. If you wish to see how I think they formed, read . Sincerely, Charles weber

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Q: Why should astronauts speed as little time travelling to mars?
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Now, normally, time is linear and inescapable. However, at extreme speeds, approaching the speed of light, special relativity states that time is perceived as slower by the people travelling at that speed. One example of this is the premise of Planet of The Apes. The astronauts are travelling at something near the speed of light, so while a short time passes for them, a very long time passes for Earth.

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