Why should nuclear weapons be abolished?

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This would be impossible as the basic physics of the designs of fission bombs is well documented in the open literature. Any competent physics grad student could design a medium yield fission bomb that could be expected to work reliably without a test. Countries that want them only need about 4 years to construct the infrastructure to make the fissile materials to build them.
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Should the US have nuclear weapons?

Yes we should to protect AMerica from Russia causing a nuclear war in which if we didn't have nuclear bombs we would lose and a Russian flag would hang over whats left of your house. We SHOULD have nuclear bombs.

What is a nuclear weapon?

Answer . It is a bomb or explosive that relies on either nuclear fission or nuclear fusion to release a tremendous amount of energy. See the Related Questions and Web Links for more information. A nuclear weapon is any weapon that derives its energy from some combination of nuclear fission a ( Full Answer )

Should there be a nuclear weapon free zone in the middle east?

Since this is looking for an opinion, there are bound to be severalresponses: View 1 No. While on paper it sounds good to make the Middle East a nuclearfree zone, it would not actually deter any of the states seekingnuclear weapons. Additionally, it would lead to Middle Easternstates being far mo ( Full Answer )

What is nuclear weapon?

An explosive device that uses massive conventional explosives to split radioactive atoms and cause a MASSIVE release of energy by nuclear fission or fusion.. A BIG BOOM!!!!

Should the US maintain nuclear weapons?

That would really be your opinion on how you see things and how they would use the weapons because maybe they shouldn't use it but for defending the countries and war purposes then yes

What are nuclear weapons?

A nuclear weapon is any device which utilizes the power produced by either nuclear fission or fusion (mostly fission) to inflict damage upon some type of target. Almost all, if not all nuclear weapons are explosives, either bombs or missile warheads.

Why should nuclear weapons be banned?

Hey guys who read up on this question. . Can I ask for some help with this question? . I am doing a debate in my high school class. And I am on the AFF (Affirmative side) Meaning I'm on the side who agrees to get rid of nuclear weapons. . I have some points here I will share. I was wondering if a ( Full Answer )

Why is the nuclear bomb so devastating do you think it is a weapon that any country should have why or why not?

Answer. The nuclear bomb not only causes destruction but it makes the area radioactive. Depending on the amount of radiation used and exposed to an area, the target area would have to be evacuated for 70 years or more.. No. The more countries that have it the higher the chances that one leader or ( Full Answer )

Should nuclear weapons be banned?

Considering the fact that any competent Physics Grad student using publicly available data could design a workable fission bomb (getting the materials to build it is another issue) having a yield comparable to the ones detonated in WW2; it is impossible to ban nuclear weapons . If a country wante ( Full Answer )

Should you have nuclear weapons?

I want one, if I could get certain restricted access materials I could design and build one. I expect my first attempt to be able to get a yield in the 20 to 40 kiloton range. I have already designed a simple explosive lens assembly and verified it would correctly focus the shockwave on the tamper. ( Full Answer )

Who have nuclear weapons?

Confirmed nuclear states: (In order of Nuclear Power) NPT States UK 1,000,000,000 and the super secret lemon party bomb Russia 3,800 USA 2,150 France 1,000 China 700-800 Non-NPT Powers Pakistan 90--110 India 80--100 North Korea (Confirmed)

Should nuclear weapons be totally banned?

Answer 1 This is an extremely difficult question to answer, from any number of positions (practical, political, moral, military, and even philosophical). To determine a plausible framework for discussing this question, we first must look at what has come before: that is, when looking at whether ( Full Answer )

Why Should nuclear weapons be totally banned?

Because nuclear weapons are the most deadly of all weapons and can kill hundreds of thousands of people at once. Also, people will always get suspicious if a country is secretly making nuclear weapons e.g. Iran and USA. IF one country wants to build nuclear weapons then their neigh ours would want t ( Full Answer )

Should nuclear weapons be used?

No, nuclear weapons should not be used.. As regards using nuclear weapons, from the film War Games , the computer, Joshua, said it quite succinctly. "The best strategy is not to play.". And if you were paying attention in Men In Black , J said to the bug, "If you don't start nothin', there won ( Full Answer )

What weapon is a nuclear weapon?

actually nuclear weapons include all sorts of stuff like bombs,missiles and etc EDIT: A nuclear weapon is a bomb or missile which harnesses the power of nuclear fusion or nuclear fission to create a large explosion. They also spread extremely harmful radiation throughout the area. Atomic bombs ( Full Answer )

Should nations have the freedom to develop nuclear weapons?

Any answer to this question would be pure opinion, but I sincerely believe that nations should not have the freedom to develop nuclear weapons. The more nations that have them, the more likely it becomes that they will be used.

What are nuclear weapon?

Nuclear weapons are weapons which are fueled by nuclear energy.Examples of weapons that can be fueled by nuclear energy aremissile warheads and bombs.

Why do you have nuclear weapons?

Some of the countries have nuclear weapons because they use them asa defense mechanism. The nuclear weapons are intended to be usedwhenever there is a war.

Who can have nuclear weapons?

Israel, America, Russia, China... that's all i can think of on the top of my head. Others that are "internationally allowed" to have nuclear weapons (approved by IAEA) would be France, and England, that I know of. I do not believe Israel is on that list.

Why should America destroy its nuclear weapons?

The same reason every country should. They are unnecessary and pointless. Any use of them will result in catastrophe for everyone involved and won't solve anything at all. The exucse that "the US will fall behind and cease being a superpower, and would be at risk of attack" is a pure lie; the US spe ( Full Answer )

Why should a country have nuclear weapons?

That is a very, very good question. Their only use is mass destruction, and when I say mass destruction, I mean life as we know it being severely altered.

What if nuclear weapons were the only weapons?

The man has fists to hit,the legs to kick ,stone,knife,gun,M-16,missel and,of course,the nuclear weapons,all of these are defense for safety of life ,after the safety that will be happiness;but at each century,the war is existed;Nuclear weapon is a kind of weapon.

Should the United States bomb Iraq with nuclear weapons?

As this is a "should question" you will likely get differingperspectives. Answer 1 "Good idea if you don't mind millions of 'collateral' deaths. Bad idea if you care about humanity, the Earth, and your dignity". Answer 2 In response to Answer 1, remember 9/11 what's stopping thoseterrorists fr ( Full Answer )

Why should there be no nuclear weapons?

U.S. President Ronald Reagan and Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev came within a hair's breadth of agreeing to phase out their stockpiles of nuclear weapons. General Zhu Chenghu of China's National Defense University, made some remarks that stirred an unusual uproar in the West and in the United St ( Full Answer )

Why should you keep nuclear weapons?

Nothing good come from it OK. Imagine that you are sitting in your house and there is a nuclear war going on in your country and terrorist drop a maga11 bomb on you because your country has NUCLEAR Weapons you would be die. ^^^IGNORE^^^ think strategicly would u attack china knowing they could ( Full Answer )

Should the UK have nuclear weapons?

No one should have nuclear weapons! I agree they cause nothing but problems. All they do is grant people power to kill and strike fear in the world. There is nothing good that can come from nuclear weapons.

Should Pakistan continue to develop nuclear weapons?

I suggest that they don't because in my opinion lets make Pakistan the bigger person. I say that no one should keep producing these deadly weapons. No one wants to die this way, i say this because soon Korea will destroy us with these death bombs! :'(

Should the US abolish nuclear weapons?

No we shouldn't because without nuclear devices to protect the US from losing the Cold War, Russia will abliviate the US and North Korea would take advantage of this situation and will attack South Korea causing another Korean War to break out. COmbat has evolved since WW2 and the Vietnam War. War h ( Full Answer )

Should third world countries be permitted to produce nuclear weapons?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. On one hand, a nuclear weapon allows a smaller nation the ability to fight back against a larger one. For instance, if Poland was a nuclear power in 1939, how might it have changed the history of WWII if Berlin had been destroyed by a nuclear weap ( Full Answer )

Should the US maintain nuclear weapons in World War 2?

This is a moot question. At the very end of WW II, the United States had built two nuclear bombs, both of which were ultimately dropped on Japan. That was all they had - a third one would have taken several more months to build. And World War II ended 66 years ago.

What can nuclear weapon do?

The effects of nuclear weapons range widely: . Blast . Thermal flash . Light flash (including UV) . X-rays . Gamma rays . Neutron rays . Firestorm . Windblown fallout that can be any mix of strong alpha, beta and/or gamma emitters. Tends to concentrate in areas of rain/snow downwind of bla ( Full Answer )

Should nuclear weapons be used to prevent war or not be used at all?

That is a question that has been debated all over since 1945. In WW2 it had only one reasonable answer, they had to be used! Since then it has never been at all clear. Where is the boundary in warfare that would allow their use? Nobody knows.

Should you destroy all nuclear weapons?

nuclear weapons should not be destroyed they should be improved by my finding in 2023 there will be an alien attack on the united states of america, #getpussy

Should Iran attack Israel with nuclear weapons would they also destroy Palestine?

No. Iran and Israel should be countries that are at peace with oneanother, as they were prior to 1979. Additionally, no countryshould use nuclear weapons in combat; they are horrible devices. ===== Answer #2: I think the questioner used the word "Should" as a form of "If",asking whether a nuc ( Full Answer )

Should us use nuclear weapons against japan?

\n\n\n\n\n\n. \n . No. Whether or not we should have used the nuclear weapons during WWII is one debate, but there is no reason for us to attack Japan now in any way. We are close allies.

Should North Korea be allowed to build nuclear weapons?

North Korea has already built nuclear weapons. So it doesn't really matter whether anyone believes that they should or shouldn't be allowed to do so. The next question would be, should North Korea be allowed to keep its nuclear weapons? It would be better to overthrow the Kim dynasty and take away t ( Full Answer )

Should you bomb Iraq with nuclear weapons?

I do not have the power to bomb anything or anyone. As for whetheranyone should use nuclear weapons, I am fervently opposed to thatidea.

Do you believe nuclear weapons should be regulated to prevent future use?

Yes and they pretty much are because of scarcity of uranium anywaysbut we will be way beyond nuclear destructive power soon- lazersare becoming more and more effective and we can even create a blackhole artificially that could swallow the Earth. Scientists areworking on weapons that don't rely on a ( Full Answer )

Should Britain spend 100 billion on renewing their nuclear weapons system?

That is very much a matter of opinion. From a practical, purely'warfare' point of view many - even the British military - mightconsider it money better spent on other things; or in the case ofthe military, on weaponry much better suited and much needed forthe British Army's mostly policing and peace ( Full Answer )

Should the US have invested in research into nuclear weapons in the 1940's?

There was very little choice in the, there was a very serious fearthat Nazi Germany was already well along in this work. If Hitlergot an atomic bomb he could likely win the war in europe veryeasily. It was necessary first to determine the difficulties andsecond if those difficulties could be surmoun ( Full Answer )