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Why should or shouldn't you consider an Apple Mac when shopping for a new computer?


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December 15, 2015 9:13PM

Opinion 1

I wouldn't buy a mac because you'll have the same problems as an IBM but with the universal knowledge of your friends as to how to fix it when things go wrong. Their chips and cards are welded to the board therefore cannot be replaced when gone bad or in need of upgrade. In contrast I saw a Mac once in the store and the background consisted of bottles. It was so defined I felt I could reach in the screen and grab one. If you create art the Mac is for you, but anything else by IBM.

Opinion 2

I do not believe this to be true. I was a Windows user for 8 years until Microsoft decided it was more important to upgrade my OS, than it was for me to keep my job. I moved swiftly into the Mac platform. Not real sure what was going to happen. So many Windows users get hung up on the same thing. "If you want to do spread sheets and work stuff, stick with a PC. But, if you do graphics buy a Mac." Doesn't anyone understand that 3D animation, HD Editing and Motion Graphics are nothing like what Word does to your computer. I mean really. Sure anyone can fire up a full blown HD video and ad crazy special effects to it while accessing huge amounts of data at the same time. But, every-time I look up my email..... boom! My system freezes. It just can't process all that mail or help correct my spelling. The OS is being slammed everyday with virus after virus. I just don't understand why 90% of the movie and music industry rely on Mac computers. Come on people. The Mac has come a long way from kindergarten. The new OS is superior to the rest out there. It is by far the most productive I have ever been. On my old Windows system, I would have been way to busy figuring out why an application keeps crashing, and not have had time to write this silly opinion. As far as I am concerned, there is no comparison. Apple wins, hands down!