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NO empirical evidence exists to justify the truth of the Christian faith, or any other religion. However...there is empirical, circumstantial evidence that much of it is very wrong.

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The third American President, Thomas Jefferson, did not believe that any part of the Bible was the word of God, but he did admire some of the high moral principles expressed in the New Testament. Disbelieving the miracles of the New Testament but approving some of Jesus' moral sentiments, he produced a thin volume which is called "The Jefferson Bible," edited literally with a razor and paste. He simply left out most of the Old Testament references and anything that proclaimed Jesus was divine or that a miracle had happened.This view was appropriate for President Jefferson because he was either a Deist or an agnostic, but may not be appropriate for a Christian.

Christians can either believe that the Bible is infallibly the word of God or that it is inspired but not infallible. Those who follow the first position must find ways to resolve contradictions and errors in the Bible, while those who follow the second position can hold the view that human error does not invalidate the overall message of the Bible.

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Q: Why should people not accept only parts of the Bible as the word of God as Thomas Jefferson did?
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