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Not every school has uniforms, but there are some that uniforms are mandatory. Some types of school include: private schools, Catholic, military, Ect. I think school uniforms should be a must have in every school, when students wear the school uniforms it shows the similaraites between them. When uniforms are in schools students tend to treat each other with more respect because they cant judge each other on what they are wearing, cause they are all wearing the same thing. When a student is wearing a school uniform it shows that they go to school and what school that they go to. It is believed to make students proud and more dignified and less likely to get into fights. Also it is believed to help the bullying problem for not having the " name brand' clothing.

I think that school uniforms help schools and students because if there is no school uniforms, kids that are not "wealthy" would find it hard to keep up with the new school trends witch could lead to bullying. It also helps with the schools cause they have less problems to deal with , like bullying for example, it would also make schools look more presentable. School uniforms started a long time ago, they started in around 1961. school uniforms started to make students feel important, like they were in some sort of organism.

If school uniforms are inforced in every school students cant judged other students on what they wear. A good idea would have school uniforms on certan days and not on the other for example: have uniforms every other day, so that students can show a bit of their own personality in their cloths that they wear, and if they are not that " wealthy" than they can just wear their uniform every day, " if they want to." the major reason that I think school uniforms wold be bullies, I have been bullied my whole life on what I have worn cause I did not have that much money as a kid and I know how it feels to not have the brand of clothing that every other kid is wearing and I know it is not fun to be made fun of cause of ur cloths.

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Q: Why should school were uniforms?
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