Why should schools have dodgeball?

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It improves physical fitness in many ways, some are:
Cardiovascular endurance
It trains you to 'keep your eye on the ball'
It also improves your team working skills
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Where When and Why was dodgeball created?

The exact origin and time of the creation of dodge ball is unknown. Dodge ball could have been created as a supplemental training program to avoid slow moving projectiles, or it could have just originated as a childhood game. The second option is possible because dodge ball is played all over the wo ( Full Answer )

How did dodgeball get famous?

Augustus Hagerson in 1832, declared it a "modern" game and introduced the game to elementry schools.

What is dodgeball?

Dodgeball is when you have two or moor people on each side of a court. The objective of the game is to hit the opisite team with the balls, causing them to get off the court. the team with the last man standing Wins. This game is tipicaley played with 5 to 10 players, in a gymnaseum or P.E. class wi ( Full Answer )

Who created dodgeball?

Nobody knows for certain who came up with it first. Some say the cavemen or the Chinese, but there seems to be no credible proof of that. The only original source for the idea of the Chinese inventing it and playing the game in a macabre sort of way comes from a movie. But what we do know is that ( Full Answer )

What are facts about dodgeball?

About Dodgeball: * There are two teams * The goal is to eliminate members of the opposite team until none are left * A player is eliminated if the ball touches them. It does not count if they get hit in the head, or groin areas. If it bounces before it hits them, it does not count. * If a p ( Full Answer )

When was dodgeball created?

It is estimated that Dodgeball started back in the Caveman Era. Where cavemen, frustrated by the sun in their eyes, hurled rocks at the sun. When they came down, some caveman would be killed while others learned to "dodge" the rocks. This carried over into the Egyptian era to where they pharaoh woul ( Full Answer )

Who invented the dodgeball?

Dodgeball originated in Africa about 600 years ago, but wasn't made popular until 1832 by Agustus Hagerson.

What are the benefits of dodgeball?

As with most highly active sports, it helps to keep one fit and healthy. It also teaches one physical skills and body and emotional control under pressure. . They are also an excellent means of socializing, creating friendships and meeting new people; and most sports also help build personal chara ( Full Answer )

Do you like dodgeball?

Mattmastersword's answer well to tell you the truth I'm in love with the game i dream about it sometimes

How do you play dodgeball?

well, first you have to join a dodge ball team or club Here are the easy steps on how to play dodgeball; 1)you run to the line where the dodge balls are positioned the you take the ball back to the wall. 2) you throw the ball to what ever person you want to get out . 3)when you have thre ( Full Answer )

How did dodgeball start?

Dodgeball originated in Africa about 600 years ago and was made by by three guys named Adelin Zika, Micheal Hud and Kirit Kam, but wasn't made popular until 1832 by Agustus Hagerson.

How old is dodgeball?

Dodge ball originated in Africa about 600 years ago. Although historians believe it dates back to Asia in the late Hong & Wong dynasty.

How was dodgeball created?

When cavemen had fights they would throw rocks at each other, obviously it would hurt if you got hit by one so people tried to avoid the rocks.

What is a dodgeball made of?

American dodge balls are usually made of rubber and pumped with air to about 2-3 psi (at a guess).. UKdba Dodgeballs are made of foam with a harder plastic layer on the outside.

What are the facts about dodgeball?

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Is dodgeball legal?

yes it is legal. its just a game dah it would be legal! unlike the choking game!

Where did dodgeball begin?

Dodgeball (or Dodge-Ball) was invented in Akron, Ohio in 1897 by cousins Clarence A. Ball and Hubert Dodge, who patented the game under its first name, Clarence-Hubert the following year. Shortages of vultanized rubber following the 1902 Sino-Caledonian war meant that the pair were forced to play wi ( Full Answer )

What are the strategies in dodgeball?

Here are some of the relatively basic strategies our team uses:. 1- Throwing multiple balls at the same time towards the same person;. 1a-sub-strategies here include having one of your players fake the throw, so as the eliminate any opponents who will attempt to control the rebounds off the wall.. ( Full Answer )

Why was dodgeball invented?

i dont think there is an acuall reason for y dodgeball was invented. but i do know that it wasnt to be thought out . it just happened starting out by throwing rocks at each other and trying to dodge them

Where and when did dodgeball originate?

Dodge ball originated in Akron, Ohio in 1897. Clarence A Ball andHobert Dodge, who were cousins, were the two gentlemen that createdthe dodge ball.

Is there a competition for dodgeball?

There are Dodge Ball tournaments all over the world. The winner usually gets a large sum of money or a great prise. -Tyler

Why was dodgeball created?

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal .. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation, so conceived and so dedicated, can ( Full Answer )

Is dodgeball a sport?

Yes and No. Dodge ball has all of the qualities a sport needs, but it is a small game.

Why is dodgeball banned in school?

Dodgeball was banned based on the sole basis of the game. Object of the game (as seen by all the whiney PC people) is to "hurt" the other team. Sad i know but that's how it happened. I know I've been in the game for 10 years. (WRONG) It has nothing to do with "whining." Educating yourself on this ( Full Answer )

How do you throw a dodgeball?

Hold the ball in your hand then make an upward motion above your head and release when your hand is just above your eyes and follow through by swinging your arm back down.

Who thought of dodgeball?

It is estimated that Dodgeball started back in the Caveman Era. Where cavemen, frustrated by the sun in their eyes, hurled rocks at the sun. When they came down, some caveman would be killed while others learned to "dodge" the rocks. This carried over into the Egyptian era to where they pharaoh woul ( Full Answer )

How is dodgeball played?

You have two teams on either side of a field and maybe 3 or 4 balls. The teams get the dodgeballs and throw it at someone on the other team. If they get hit on the full they are out. If they catch it on the full the person who threw it is out and someone who is out from their team gets to come back ( Full Answer )

How do you market dodgeball?

Start small. Work on growing the sport in your area. Go to rec centers with flyers, go to adult league sports and promote, build a free website (myspace, facebook etc). there is many many many leagues and organizations based on their local community. use your site to network (you can acquire over 15 ( Full Answer )

Should you or should you not be in school?

It's always a good thing to go to school because obviously you will get more educated and will learn new things. Going to school helps you learn, and even get more active at some point. It's good because you will have a better job and a better life if you go to school. Even though at some point you ( Full Answer )

Why is dodgeball popular?

Dodgeball is popular as people like infilicting pain on other people in the other team and even some people like to watch this happening because it is funny and gives you a rush. It is a good Team sport and keeps you Very fit and Active :))

Where did dodgeball origante from?

It is estimated that Dodgeball started back in the Caveman Era. Where cavemen, frustrated by the sun in their eyes, hurled rocks at the sun. When they came down, some caveman would be killed while others learned to "dodge" the rocks. This carried over into the Egyptian era to where they pharaoh woul ( Full Answer )

Is dodgeball illegal?

Yes, if you do it with rubber balls in elementry school. if not, no. (why is it illegal?)

How safe is a dodgeball?

Dodge ball is a pretty safe sport...But you might wont to recommend that if you play you are older than 12.

What should you do when you are in school?

When you are in school your teacher expects you to listen and notcause trouble. If you think you know the subject that the teacheris talking about listen anyways. Do your work and try not to causetrouble. I know this can be hard because of peer pressure but yourteacher will realize it if you are doi ( Full Answer )

Should you have - schools?

Students should come and go as they please if they don't want an eduction then they should decide on that for them self. school is to important to miss and with out it you will not be able to have a good life

Should school students have activities after school?

Yes! Why not? Some children get bullied in school, preventing them from playing any sports AT school. And, Kids are supposed to play sports. It's part of their culture! So if you sign YOUR child up for an after school activity, your child is getting a chance to experience it.

How do you spell dodgeball?

That is the correct spelling of the one-word noun "dodgeball" (agame). It can also be used for the specific balls designed for thegame. The two-word form "dodge ball" is also used for the sport.

What is the object of dodgeball?

The objective of dodge ball is to get all of the opposition players out by hitting them with the ball and the opposition team not caching a thrown ball by your team ... If the ball is cough by either team the thrower is out and the teams first team mate that was first out gets to come back in the ga ( Full Answer )

Should schools have school clubs?

schools dont HAVE to have clubs, but most people tend to go for schools that have clubs because it gives you a wide range of things to do and you can find out what you like and sometimes can make you into a better person, and make you happier. It is also good for your social life as you make friends ( Full Answer )

Should You should have school uniform or not?

I don't think so because no one wants to be like everyone else. You would never be able to express yourself. I think no because its taking away some of a child's freedom.

Should Schools get better school supplies?

In many ways, schools should get better school supplies. Even if it means using taxes, schools should get better supplies. For example, some schools have old text books from 10 years ago. They should get newer versions of those books, unless the information in there is correct as it is right now, or ( Full Answer )

Why do you play dodgeball?

i play dodgeball because it is fun when you get a bunch o people to pile on the fat kid

What is the definition of dodgeball?

Dodgeball is a game in which a ball is kicked around (or thrown, depending on the version of the game), and you try to avoid getting hit by the ball.

How a school should be?

A school should be one place where all the development of a kid is taken care of.