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Because the amunt of late teens that have died is incountable. But, that's not the main reson. Our teens are getting less and less mature. They take advantage of it and end up killing themselves. Also, most of the examples of these examples are 16 year olds. 17 year olds have a lot less examples.people don't really care they just want to impress their mates and also show off what they possibly tried just on that day

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Q: Why should the driving age be raised?
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Do you think the driving age should be raised to 18?

The driving age should be raised to 18 because of the responsiblility of the kids.No it shouldnt!! no it should not sooo yeah

Should the driving age stay the same?

---- answer i agree with you! ^ at first i thought that it should be raised, but now i see!!!! ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

What is a good hook for should the driving age be raised?

getting a lisense @ age 16 has been a rite for generations, but im taking my stand and im telling you y it should be raised.

Should The Voting age be lowered or raised?

the voting age should be lowered because parants are getting tired of driving their kids to school

When will the driving age be raised to 18?


Should the driving age be raised to 18?

no! teens are too busy these days for there parents to have to be driving them around anywhere!if they raised the age,the new age would be just as unexperienced as the others!yes! a lot of teenagers are hurt in car accidents so why should there be more! i say no more 16 year old drivers and lets raise it to 18!

Is the UK driving age going to be raised?

There have always been rumours of the age being raised however there are no confirmed plans to change it.

Should the driving age be raised from sixteen to eighteen?

No because at the age of 16 you are mature and tall enough and not much different from the age of 18 the difference's is that you are an adult but at 17 you are like an adult so 16 is not much different so no the driving age should and most likely would not be changed.

What are arguments and counter argument for the driving age needs to be raised?


What is the current driving age for California?

The current age is 16 but might be soon raised to 18.

Should kids start driving at age ten?

no. they should start driving at age 2.

Should the drinking age be raised?


Should the driving age be raised?

Yes and no. I can't wait to get my drivers license but at the same time, there are some teens who are very intent on getting their drivers license who are not mature enough to be able to drive. They don't take driving seriously and are very reckless about it. No. The age for driving should not be raised. I think we as a country should lower the age for drivers training and keep the driving age the same. That way people cant blame the accidents on en experienced drivers. Also, they wont have to depended on their parents to get from place to place because people are starting to get jobs at the age of 14. So those who think the age should be raised are basically saying that you are guilty and experienced before they even get into a car. Not to mention, the people that have their drivers license before 18 will get theirs taken away even if they are completely innocent.

What age should the driving age be?


Should government lower the driving age?

No they should not as if they do there will be reckless driving more often even though the driving age has been lowered

Should the driving age be lowered in Texas?

NO! The driving age shouldn't be lowered at all, if anything it should be highered!

Is Pennsylvania going to raise the driving age to 18?

yes it is but its going to be raised to the age of 83 befor you can drive

Is there less chances of accidents on the road if the driving age gets raised to eighteen?


Should the driving age be turned to 14 because of medical emergancies?

If anything it should be raised to 25/26. More emergencies are caused by young drivers than any other age - hence the high insurance premiums.

Facts why driving age should be raised to 21?

At the age 18 there children are noticed as an adult and they would enjoy running there children places. the age 21 is the drinking age and all they are going to want to do is drink so imagain how that will turn out

Should the driving age be raised to 21?

yes, it should be raised to 21 because it would make people walk more often instead of taking the car, it would also cut the number of deaths caused by teens driving, and it would make the road safer because the are not much teens speeding in the road.

Why should driving age should not be raised?

Because graduated drivers license is a better and more effective solution. Because experience not age is the key to good driving. Because it is hard for teens to keep jobs without being able to drive to and from that job. Because stricter laws and rules can help prevent accidents. For help on any of these reasons... research graduated drivers license, find statistics against raising the driving age. I had this topic for my debate in school. Type this into google: should the driving age be raised to 18- New york times. an article by new york times that says schoolastic should show up, I don't know if this will help but I hope it does.

Why should kids start driving?

They shouldn't until they are of the legal age and a mature age to start driving

Should the age for driving be lowered?

Lowering the Driving AgeSome believe it should be lowered to 14 and 8 months to get your license and that you should be able to determine when to take drivers training. Others even believe the driving age should be lowered to age 11. Views about this are likely divided by age. Those who would benefit from a lower driving age are likely to believe it should be lowered, but those who already have their license are likely to disagree.

Why shouldn't the driving age be raised to 21?

hello I think that the diving age shouldn't be raised to 21 because teenagers need to be responsible to go to collages and university's. the only thing that need changing is the diving test should be more complicated than it is. And it will reduce the accidents on the road.