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I don't understand why you ask this question. See the following website In some cases they recommend using vinegar. Hope this helps!

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Q: Why should vinegar not be used to clean copper utensils?
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How can you safely clean lime from copper?

Vinegar will do it.

Why do vinegar and salt clean iron oxide from pennies?

Vinegar and salt solution, the acetic acid from the vinegar dissolves the copper oxide. The copper from the copper oxide stays in the liquid

What should used to clean copper pennies?

Mostly as I know, lemon juice or vinegar can be used to clean copper pennies. You can let soak in for a while to clean them. Good luck in cleaning them!

When should you clean and sanitize surfaces and utensils?

You should always clean and sanitize surfaces and utensils because it helps stop bacteria from spreaping.

Why can vinegar clean a dirty penny?

Vinegar contains Acetic acid that reacts with the copper in the penny.

What reaction do nails and vinegar create?

If nails are made of copper, vinegar will clean them. If nails are other metal, vinegar will rust them rather quickly.

How can salt and vinegar clean a penny?

Vinegar contain acetic acid; the mixture with salt dissolve copper oxides.

How does vinegar make a penny shine?

Vinegar, a mild acid, reacts with the copper to clean oxides off of it and leave it with a shiny surface.

Why food should be served and stored in clean utensils?

Food should be served and stored in clean utensils (also stored in a fridge of freezer) to help avoid the risk of food poisoning, notably from Salmonella.

Can spirits of salt clean copper?

I am not sure what you mean by "spirits of salt", but a mixture of vinegar and salt is a very effective copper cleaner.

What should you clean battery acid with?


How should you store and stock clean equipments and utensils?

put it in a dry, clean storage area like clean cabinet...

How do you whiten our pennies?

I assume you want to clean copper coins? Steep the coins overnight in vinegar.

What does vinegar do to pennies?

The vinegar was so strong that it clean the penny. Vinegar is acedic acid. The penny has oxidized in air and the acid removes the oxidization from the penny, making the copper shiny again.

Can baking soda clean copper?

Sure. It is best if the copper is clean of grease or oil, first. Sometimes the baking soda is mixed with vinegar instead of water, but either way it is a good cleaner.

How are you supposed to clean and take care of copper pots?

Utensils with copper interiors should never be used for acidic foods, with pH of 6.0 or below, since toxic compounds can form if food is cooked, or stored, or served from such containers. Even if copper pans are lined with tin, they should not be used for acidic foods such as fruits, fruit juices, salad dressings, tomatoes, vinegar-containing foods, etc. Copper bowls may be used for beating egg whites, or copper kettles for cooking high sugar foods like fudge, for these foods are alkaline. Utensils with copper on the bottom, or outside, and stainless steel, aluminum, or a porcelain enamel interior finish are safe to use and conduct heat well. Avoid high heat which discolors copper bottoms. Ideally you should clean copper bottoms after each use, even though the tarnish does not affect cooking results or the pan's efficiency. Do not use an abrasive cleaner or steel wool to clean copper bottoms. To clean tarnished copper: Wash tarnished copper with soap and warm water and polish with a commercial cleaner. A homemade cleaner of equal parts of salt, vinegar and flour also works well. After rubbing the item with this mixture or any polish, wash it carefully, rinse thoroughly and dry. [Info from the Home Maintenance And Repair Database at the Michigan State University website] Sprinkle the surface with lemon juice, shake salt all over it, then rub with a soft sponge. Use soft cloth with white vinegar. good luck

How do you clean a copper pot rack? has an article about spring cleaning and they say to use a tablespoon of salt &1 cup of white vinegar added to boiling water to clean tarnished copper.

How does vinegar clean coins?

How does vinegar clean coins?

What is created when a penny sits in a paper towel wrapped in vinegar?

Pennies get dull over time because the copper in the pennies slowly reacts with air to form copper oxide. Pure copper metal is bright and shiny, but the oxide is dull and greenish. When you place the pennies in the vinegar solution, the acetic acid from the vinegar dissolves the copper oxide, leaving behind shiny clean pennies.

Can vinegar clean methadone from urine?

No, vinegar will not clean methadone from urine.

Does vinegar clean oxycodone out of your system?

No, vinegar does not clean oxycodone out of your system.

How should I clean my chalk board?

Clean the chalkboard with warm water and vinegar. After the chalkboard has been wiped with the water and vinegar solution, wipe the board with a dry cloth.

Who invented how to clean a penny with vinegar?

It's simply a chemical reaction of acetic acid and copper. It doesn't have a specific inventor.

How much vinegar should you take to help clean your system?


Can you clean brick with vinegar?

Yes, you can use vinegar to clean bricks. Vinegar is commonly used to gently clean bricks and restore them to original condition.