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You should do BBA because it gives you an overview of MBA. But one cannot have a flourished career only with degree of BBA, with that degree he/she need to have the Masters degree of business administraton from any reputed institution either home or abroad. .......................... dude a

fter BBa u can do MS in management which is equal to mphill... after that u have great oppurtunaties to get good jobs

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โˆ™ 2011-01-17 10:43:48
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Q: Why should you do BBA?
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we should BBA bcoz nowadays r economics situation iz 2 bad

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guys, i am new on this site... i am a 12th student and want to do BBA.... i heard that Roots is providing good BBA coaching is it true or should i look for another option? please help.....

What is the importance of BBA?

If student have business mind than BBA is the best platform for him. Studying BBA helps an individual to get all the relevant and basic knowledge of the market. Students who want to do job in FMCG and telecommunication sector should do BBA before this Masters course.

Is UPES BBA better than Amity BBA?

UPES is a better university... It offers a range of interesting BBA programs like: BBA Auto Marketing BBA Aviation Operations BBA Digital Marketing BBA Financial Services Marketing BBA Foreign Trade BBA Logistics Management BBA Oil & Gas Marketing BBA Retail Management These programs are rarely available in any university with good, experienced faculty.

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BBA stands for Bachelors of Business Administration.

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It is a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

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BBA is Bachelors in Business Administration. It is one of the most popular professional programs.

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yes, BBA graduate can B.ED.

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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

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BBA Aviation's population is 11,000.

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