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"Why should you never iron a 4-leaf clover? You don't want to press your luck." -- Daryl Stout

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Q: Why should you never iron a 4-leaf clover?
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Why did orgo iron his four leaf clover?

he was pressing his luck

What is a clue for easy?

iron solute, uranium, lead, clover, and gold

Why did orgo iron his four-leaf clover?

he was pressing his luck

Cleaning cast iron?

To clean cast iron use hot water and a cloth or sponge. Dry the cast iron right away. You should not use soap, and you should never soak cast iron or it will rust.

When was Iron Maiden on Eurovision?

Never! And never will.

One should never cut or weld directly against?

You should not weld on concrete, as it can explode if heated

What are the Lucian clues in The 39 Clues books?

I only know some, but here they are: clover, mint, amber, and iron solute.

How old should you be to flat iron your hair?

old enough where you'll never burn your self or damaged you hair :)

Why should you eat bananans?

iron, iron, iron and fibre

How does Target get the Chi irons?

i have no idea. but never buy a flat iron at a store like that. go to a professional beauty store. you should always pay $100 or more for a flat iron.

What minerals help make hemoglobin in red blood cells?

Hemoglobin is composed of 4 protein subunits and a iron (heme) unit in the center. Imagine a four leaf clover with the iron being the stem.

Does iron maiden play with an orchestra?

Iron Maiden have never played with an orchestra

What are some clues of The 39 Clues?

tungsten, hydrogen, iron solute, gold, amber, myrrh, water, aloe, lily, venom, magnesium, uranium, and clover clover,gold,amber,myrrh,water,aloe,lily amd venom are for missions i think

What is the value of a 1982 iron penny?

US coins have never been made of iron.

What if iron had 27 protons?

Iron will never have 27 protons. It always have 26 protons.

Should you take iron supplements on a routine basis without medical supervision?

Iron supplements are never really needed unless you have anemia or menstrual issues. It's best to consult with your doctor instead of guessing.

Which of these is not an ore copper carbon silver iron?

copper, silver and carbon are not real ores but could be found as pure elements: carbon as coal, or diamond. Silver as nuggets. Copper as native copper specimen. Iron is almost never found in the free elemental state, and should be extracted from iron ore, which is not iron, but mainly made of iron oxides.

What are the materials in an iron box?

The only material should be iron!

What should you set iron flat iron on?

a wet towel

Should you separate iron from sand with a magnet or a strainer?

it will get on the iron if you try to separate sand will be on the iron

Does water with high iron content cause stainless steel fittings to rust?

Good quality stainless steel should never rust. I have noticed that the high iron content in our water causes red particles of iron oxide to remain on stainless steel vessels - and it looks exactly like rust but its just the iron in the water drying out on the stainless steel.

What should your iron count be to give blood?

12.5 for women, I'm not sure about how much the iron count for men should be.

When should iron supplements be taken?

Iron supplements should be taken upon the advice of a medical professional. Your doctor might advise you to begin taking iron supplements if you are anemic.

Do magnets attract through skin?

Yes. Skin is a thin material. This is why you should never sleep with magnets because the iron in your bloodstream is attracted to the magnet. This disorders the processes.

Year the curling iron was invented?

no one knows, there was many men who motified the curling iron they never officialy decided