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You Shouldn't Bounce your Stomach, And Thighs .never bounce you can permanently damage you musles

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Q: Why should you not bounce when doing flexibility exercise?
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How should you exercise?

You should exercise by walking, jogging, running, biking, doing sit ups, doing push ups, lifting weights, doing crunches, hiking.

When doing flexibility exercises should there be discomfort?

I guess when you are doing stretching exercises, at that time yoou may feel pain or you may not be comfortable.

How much exercise should a thirteen year old be doing?

Everyone should be doing at least 2 hours a week.Everyone, regardless of age or gender, should exercise regularly, whether it be at the gym, or just in sports and outdoor activities. Most people would readily agree that one should exercise everyday.

Why should you exercise for your flabby stomach?

You should exercise to lose weight. Also, you will look better and be in better shape. Doing sit-ups helps to to exercise your stomach. Also, try dieting.

What are the Benefits of stretching?

No, stretching is not supposed to burn calories. The manin benefit of stretching is to prevent injury and enhance flexibility in small cases. Please don't skip stretching before doing any physical exercise.

Is it true that people over 40 should not do strenuous exercise?

Absolutely not true. Those of us over 40 should perform whatever level of exercise we are capable of doing.

How do the meanings of the words exercise and fitness differ?

Exercise is what you do, and fitness is what you get from doing exercise.

What are the health benefits of participating in pilates?

There are many different physical and mental health benefits of doing pilates. Pilates can help clear someone's head and calm them. The exercise can also improve flexibility.

Should the barbell touch your chest when doing bench presses?

Yes the bar should touch your chest. Make sure it does not bounce off but more of a slight touch.

Why kids should go outside rather than doing homework?

They should do both. Fresh air and exercise are essential to proper development, but doing homework is necessary as well.

Does doing sit ups cause you to have a miscarriage?

No Probably not, but you should check with your doctor about what types of exercise are safe for you.

How DOES regular exercise contribute to good health?

keeps your blood moving. also doing steaches and yoga will improve your flexibility. builds up your heart muscles and really makes you feel better about your self

Why will you need eggs in making an egg bounce with vinegar?

If you are doing an experiment to see if eggs bounce after being in vinegar, you will need eggs.

If your stomach hurts the day after exercise does this mean you are not doing the exercise right?

No, the cramp shows that you're doing it right.

How many calories do you burn doing exercise?

It all depends on the exercise that you do.

How can the body be healthy?

by doing exercise

How many calories should you burn in the gym?

There is no exact amount of how many calories you "should" burn at the gym. It depends on what exercise or activity you are doing and how long you are doing it for. What is important is that you are exercising and being healthy.

How many calories do you burn doing yoga?

If your doing Yoga your not burning calories. Instead your adding flexibility in your self.

How many times should your heart beat in a min not doing exercise?


Name something that you should avoid drinking coffee before doing?

sleeping, exercise, brushing teeth, kissing

Fitness test that measures flexibility?

There are many fitness test that will test out your flexibility. Bending down and touching your toes is a great one. Also doing the splits and doing a "V" stretch will determine how flexible you are.

What is kegal exercise physiology?

physiological changes while doing kegal exercise?

What are muscle habits?

When muscles get used to doing an exercise a lot, and remember the exercise.

Is it bad to exercise more than an hour?

no, you should exercise for at least an hour for you health. not hard exercise, just like speed walking, walking, or just doing something outside can help! well i hope i helped you

How do you decrease muscle mass?

by doing exercise