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Why should you not turn the key to the start position when the car is running?


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Because it will stop and then car will braked . Engine will be blow up .

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Put the key in the ignition and turn it to the on position. Leave in this position for ten minutes. Turn key to off then to start. This should reset the security and the car should start right up.

Turn the key to the ON position, pump the gas pedal 4 times, start the car. If it doesnt start: Turn the key to the OFF position, turn to the ON position and wait until the warning lights go off, turn to the OFF position, turn to the ON position and wait until the warning lights go off, turn to the OFF position, turn to the ON position and pump the gas pedal 5 times, start the car. If this doesnt work, then try again. Remember! Do not crank for more than 15 seconds at one time, it will damage the starter. (Note: the key turning on and off are to prime the engine to start and should be done to get this to work.) If it doesnt start, you might want to get your car serviced.

turn key to "on" position (not running) depress the accelerator pedal 3 times and start vehicle ......warning / light should then be off

No When you turn your ignition switch to the "start" position all these accesories are automatically "blocked-out" to prevent a spike on the electrical system and devote full battery power to start cycle.

Under the hood on the drivers side is a power distribution box. Inside is a button to depress that will turn out the light. With the key in the on position and the engine not running, Press and hold it down for 5 seconds. Turn off the ignition and then start the car. It should reset.

You should probably start braking about 50-100 feet before a turn.

turn key to start position, put bike in neutral, ( one position up from first gear), neutral light should light and push start button. If engine is cold pull out choke cable on left side.

Only one will turn, if you hold the pass side the driver side will start to turn.

start car- turn radio on - it will display the word "OFF" it must remain running for upto 2 hours - once that is done leave car running - display should read "CODE" - enter code - then turn radio on - it should function

Put the key in the drivers side door lock and turn it to the unlocked position. Next turn it to the locked position and then back to the unlocked position. The system should now be reset. Start the car and allow it to run for at least 10 minutes.

The most common reason for the XJ Cherokee to turn over and not start running is a faulty Crankshaft Position Sensor (CPS) on the transmission bell housing. Search the Internet or some of the Jeep specific forums, there are instructions for testing the CPS.

You turn the headlight switch to the left when you start the vehicle.

That's odd. Most people want to know how to turn it off. The MIL should illuminate briefly when you turn the key to the on position just before you start the engine.

Per the GM dealership here in Livingston, TX., you are suppose to turn the key to the start position as if you are trying to start it and hold for five seconds. Release the key and let it rotate back to the run position and leave in this position for ten (10) seconds. Repeat this step three times, turning the key off for a count of five between each cycle. It should then start up. Note: to prevent the running lights from draining the battery, set the emergency brake. This will disable the lights.

1st move the light switch to the desired position. 2nd PULL the switch gentle towards you. There are two positions for this switch. The first position or click, will turn on your front running lights. The second position or click will turn on both your front running lights and additional lights in the rear. You will be able to tell that you have activated them by the icons on your dash that will inform you they are on. To turn off simply push the switch back in. (Actually, those are the FOG lights, front and rear.)

Engaging your parking brake should turn off the daytime running lights

If you don't have the setup and reset buttons, with the engine off turn key to the "on" position (not start) pump the gas 3-5 times, you should either see the light blink or go out, turn the key to the off position then start the vehicle. The maintenance light should be out. Or if that didn't work, push the odometer button in and hold; turn key to on position while holding the button in for about 10 secs. light will blink or go out. Hope this helps!

To disable the daytime running lights on a 2008 Sequoia, turn the head light switch to the center position. It should show two headlights, one with an 'X' and a line between the two.

If you have a key that is already programmed to your Outlander, use that key first. Place it in the ignition and turn to the "on" position five times. A light should come on your dash (looks like a car with a key inside). Once that light comes on, turn to the off position, remove your first key the place the "new" or unregistered key in the ignition and turn to the "On" position (not start). This should program your key to your Outlander.

if you try to start the car and it does not start and you hold it in the turn on position do you hear a noise like gears running if so you need a new starter 135 at auto-zone is what i paid for mine but if you don't hear the noise it could be the solenoid

Turn key in ignition position II (don't start), wait for 20 or 45 seconds. It should switch off.

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