Why should you pay attention in class?

•Paying attention is the first step in the learning process.

•Everybody fails to pay attention sometimes, but some people fail to
pay attention a lot.

•Not paying attention to what you are doing can be a problem for both children
and adults. For example, not listening to the directions in class can cause a
student to do an assignment wrong, and running a stop sign can cause an adult to
have an accident or get a traffic ticket.

•It is easy for almost anyone to pay attention to things that are interesting or exciting to him.

•It is hard for most people to pay attention to things that are not very interestingor exciting to them.

•Emotions such as feeling anxious, sad or depressed make it harder for people to pay attention.

•It is difficult to pay attention to things when we are tired, sick or not feeling well.

•People differ in their ability to focus their attention at the right time on what is important.

•It is possible for people to manage their attention problems.