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Q: Why should you read the label on a bottle twice before using it contents?
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When should you the read label on a chemical container?

The safety label on a chemical container should be carefully read before opening the container, and especially before using the contents. Any health and safety instructions should be followed.

What safety label should be on a bottle of strong alkali?

The label is corrosive.

When should you take vitamins?

read the label on the bottle

When does the UPL initial the bottle label?

Before placing it on the bottle. The initials are merely to verify that the data is correct.

When should you take prenatal vitamins?

read the label on the bottle

Why the bottle should be left facing the customer?

So the customer can see the information on the label.

Why should you hold a bottle of liquid with the label toward the palm of your hand when you pour out liquid?

When you pour out the liquid, the label should be towards the palm of hand because if it happens that the liquid drips, it will drip on the side opposite the label and will not ruin the label or make it illegible.

How do you determine the year of a bottle of champagne from the champagne bottle?

The label will have the year on it.

What size label on a 187ml bottle?

On a bottle of 187ml Sutter Home and Barefoot wine the label measures 3.25" x 2.5"

How do you tell the age of a bottle of beer?

If it's from an industrial brewery it will have a best-before marking somewhere, either on the label or on the cap.

Explain the possible risks in failing to follow the direction shake before using on the label of a medicine bottle?

The particles of the medicine bottle are at the bottom, so it won't have the same effect.

How do you know a bottle has acid in it?

it has a label on it DAH!