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Why should you vote for Harold hardrada?


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why wouldnt harold godwinson be a good king

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Harold Hardrada was born in Norway.

Harold Hardrada was born in 1015.

Harold Hardrada. Which was good enough for Harold Hardrada. Tostig backed him, but he wasn't interested in Harold Hardrada, he just wanted his lands back in England - and to get back at his brother (the other Harold) for not backing him the previous year.

Hardrada invaded England, but was defeated by Harold Godwinson at the Battle of Stamford Bridge.

Harold Hardrada lost the Battle of Stamford Bridge to King Harold Godwinsson

Harold Godwinson's forces killed Harold Hardrada at the Battle of Stamford Bridge, so Hardrada died before Harold Godwinson.

Harold Hardrada did NOT invade England. He led the fight against the Norman invaders.

he thought he was clever enough to be king

harold was the the leader of the saxons and fought with william and before that he fought with harald hardrada and hardrada lost then harold lost when fihgting with william

Harold g killed Hardrada in the battle of Stanford brigde but William defeats Harold g

He fought him over the English throne, and Godwineson defeated Hardrada at the Battle of Stamford Bridge.

Tostig Godwinson (Harold Godwinson's brother) supported Hardrada because Tostig turned on his brother.Adeela

Harold hardrada, king Harold and William the conqueror

Harold hardrada was killed by Harold Godwinson in the battle of hastings

Harold hardrada and Harold godwinson

At Stamford Bridge in Yorkshire, England.

Harold Godwinnson who was English and Harold Hardrada who was a viking.

They are connected because Harold Godwinson was supported by Harald Hardrada. So I wouldn't actually say that they were related.

the roman and Norman times

he had been killed by william

Harold Hardrada was defeated and killed at the battle of Stamford Bridge. Therefore he didn't participate in the Battle of Hastings.

Harold Hadraada was never crowned king of Norway.

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