Why shouldn't people eat meat?

From a Vegan/Vegetarian point of view:

People shouldn't eat meat because:
  • Human anatomy: We're most similar to other herbivores, and drastically different from carnivores.
  • Longevity & health: The more meat we eat, the sicker we get. Meat is poison to us. It's the primary reason we get heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and every other major degenerative disease. If eating meat were natural, it wouldn't destroy our health.
  • Physical performance: People have much better endurance when they don't eat meat -- whether they're professional athletes or not.
  • Body mass: People who don't eat a lot of fatty meats tend to be leaner than those who do.


From an Omnivore/Carnivore point of view:

It is wrong to assume that eating meat is wrong or bad. Despite the fact that we don't have the large canines or sharp claws of the natural predators in the natural world, we still have the instinct to hunt and kill animals for meat, which is at a much higher level when we are trying to survive in the wild versus living in the lap of luxury which is Civilization. Our eyes face forward and allow us to have binocular vision to focus on a prey source. If we were true herbivores we would look more like a cow or a horse than what we are today: we would have to have eyes on the sides of our head, a huge multi-chambered stomach or large cecum (which we have neither) to allow more efficient digestion of plant matter, and we would be paying far more attention to sharp contrasts in light and suspicious noises and movement that we normally simply ignore. Because of all of this we are omnivores, and quite adapted to eating meat AND plants.

Because of our ability to have empathy, we always make sure that an animal is dead before we butcher it for meat. This has always been the case for as long as human beings have been eating meat. We're not like wolves or hyenas who start gorging on an animal when it's still breathing.

Meat is not poison. If it is poison then why have we survived for thousands of years? Why have humans been able to survive out in the wild in the middle of winter on meat alone? Why have the Eskimos and Inuit in the far north have survived for so long on just meat and fat? And why do we have a digestive tract that is better designed for the digestion of meat and not plants like that in the domestic bovine? The thing that many people fail to realize is that it's not the meat itself that is not healthy, it's the way the animals are raised and fed that makes the meat not healthy. Undercooked meat is also unhealthy and can cause sickness, much more so than meat that is cooked properly. Most of the meat that you buy in a grocery store comes from hogs, chickens and cattle that are raised on grain and cooped up for most of their lives (for cattle for around 3 to 4 months of their lives), and having to rely on the antibiotics and hormones put in the feed to help them grow and keep from getting sick on such a diet. It has been proven and is a well-known fact that meat from animals raised in their natural environment and eating a natural diet is healthier.

As far as performance is concerned, in a survival situation, this is not the case. A person needs plenty of protein to have the endurance and strength to keep surviving. A person trying to survive in the middle of winter in the boreal forest is an absolute fool if he thinks he's going to have the endurance to survive by just eating dried berries, willow bark and snow. Fact of the matter is our brains require a staggering 1500 calories a day to operate efficiently, meat provides the calories and proteins that the brain needs to function, the first major step in human evolution occurred when we started to eat meat.

Body mass isn't just affected by meat alone. The amount of fat, salt and sugar that is found in junk food also contributes to obesity. Not to mention the increased amount of time we spend sitting on our bottoms on the internet or watching TV for most of the day. We've become much lazier than we have been 100 years ago because of all the technology that have come up to make life easier for us, and it's because of this that we have become fatter and sicker.