Why shouldn't you listen to what people say?

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One big reason is that they don't have to live your life after you follow the advice. However, if you have a large problem and don't feel that you are dealing well with it, it might be worthwhile to follow any advice until you feel like you are on more solid footing.
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Why shouldn't people say the n word?

It is a racist term for an African-American, and it is one of the worst derrogatory terms for a "black" person, especially if a white guy says it, according to Isaiah Thomas.

Why shouldn't students listen to music in class?

Students should not be able to listen to music in class because the students would pay more attention to the song they are playing more so than the teacher talking.

Why shouldn't animals be able to listen to music?

Animals Have the right to listen to music, but I'm guessing the won't understand the lyrics. Animals Have a language just like all humans. Dog's Bark. Cat's Meow, ect. So If s

Why are Build-A-Bearville citizens not listening to people when they say stop?

People should always listen when you say stop, If your not a Jr.CyBearGuide online, then see if any are around. If not, then wait a little bit. If they don't stop, report them
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Why people listen?

becoz they need to
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What does Bible say bout peoples who fail to listen Jesus?

All mankind are condemned to die and spend eternity in the Lake of Fire. Only the people who have listened to Jesus through the Bible or preaching of the Gospel and believed G
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What are some things you shouldn't say to autistic people?

There are quite a number of things you shouldn't say to an autisticperson, even if they don't mind being different. "You don't lookautistic" or "you seem normal". That will of