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Well, I think a lot of peope are sensitive about it because it is an important part of human culture. But from a purely scientific point of view, I believe that the realities of pregnancy and STDs have to be taught in order to protect the general public. And I mean ACCURATE data, not scare tactics. Lying to kids to scare them out of sex is not going to stop one of the four primary biological urges (food, shelter, safety, and reproduction). And most people appreciate it when they're told the truth. Just look at Africa: if the people there knew about how STDs, in this case AIDS, were spread, they would probably be better able to take steps to contain the disease. Getting kids to wait and have responsible and safe sex should be the job of the home. Explain to your kids why it's morally wrong to have sex before you're married or before you become an adult. The church usually can't hurt with this one either. Parents need to just be brave enough to talk to their kids about this one, because if you leave it up to the schools entirely to teach everything---even a moral perspective of sex---to your kids, you have no idea who will be teaching your kids these things. Leave the Biology to the schools, and the morality to the home.I'm not trying to stomp on anyone's beliefs regardless of your political ideology, but basically we all have to realize that sex is a big issue whatever stance we take on it and kids need to feel like they can ask questions if they need to.


Some parents don't want strangers (or people they don't know well) telling their kids about sex. Some familys are too nervous to talk about sex to their child and may want someone else to do it, others hope they turn out well. Different familys have different ways of approaching the situation if they were to bring it up between parent and child. For instance, teaching condom use is against Catholic religious teachings because it stops the natural flow of life and you are artificially going against Gods intention to get pregnant. They may not want anybody to convince their kid to use condoms. As well some parents believe that kids in school are too young to have sex and to be told about it there-by bringing up topic and making them wonder if they should partake.

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Q: Why shouldn't sex be taught in school if it is an issue among youth today?
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