Why shouldn't you listen to what people say?

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One big reason is that they don't have to live your life after you follow the advice. However, if you have a large problem and don't feel that you are dealing well with it, it might be worthwhile to follow any advice until you feel like you are on more solid footing.
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What do girls mean when they say you shouldn't have?

When she says it she means that it was sweet and she does appreciate what you did. You got brownie points and should keep doing what your doing! * Yeah, she does actually like it unless of course she has a weird sense of humour (weird as in oookkkaaayy) and actually means that you shouldn't hav ( Full Answer )

Why shouldn't people say the n word?

It is a racist term for an African-American, and it is one of the worst derrogatory terms for a "black" person, especially if a white guy says it, according to Isaiah Thomas.

Why shouldn't students listen to music during tests?

There are some types of music that lend themselves to increased brain power, but the typical IPOD does not include Baroque or classical music. These were shown to have some good effect in studies.

Why shouldn't people get married?

People should only get married if they TRULY love each other... if you don't love the person your marrying and your just in it for the sex, don't marry his or her wait until you've found your true love:)

Why shouldn't you say sorry?

You should ALWAYS say you're sorry. Even if it was something no one could prevent (like a sudden death). It shows that you care. I'm am not sure why it is the way it is, but really, it's just a nice thing to do.. Hope This Helps,. The Seer Child

How do you get people to listen?

Ask them questions about themselves first. Most everyone likes talking a little about themselves. Then you create a positive tone for them to be more receptive to actually listening.

Why people shouldn't do drugs?

Well theres a number of reasons why people shouldn't do drugs.. In anything, theres always the risk of addiction (physical addiction in some things but anyone can get mentally addicted to anything.) Amphetamines- From amphetamine abuse, users suffer from increased aggression, decreased appetite ( Full Answer )

Why shouldn't people abuse animals?

animal abuse is cruel altogether but if that is not enough of a reason then how about all of the people that are cruel to humans after they are cruel to animals, animal abusers are five times more likely to commit violent crimes against people... do you want that to happen? It's against the law. ( Full Answer )

Why shouldn't people hunt animals?

Because animals should live just like we do instead of making them look like fools hanging on someones wall scaring the socks off of people. Although we should only hunt animals for food and not display or most clothing. Although meat is a big part of food... we have many other foods containing more ( Full Answer )

Why shouldn't people binge drink?

When you binge drink, you are taking in a lot of alcohol at once. Your body cannot handle this much chemicals being in the bloodstream so it goes into shock. You faint and sometimes even die. You don't just hurt yourself but the people around you. I hope you don't binge drink!

Why shouldn't people eat meat?

From a Vegan/Vegetarian point of view: People shouldn't eat meat because: . Human anatomy: We're most similar to other herbivores, and drastically different from carnivores. . Longevity & health: The more meat we eat, the sicker we get. Meat is poison to us. It's the primary reason we get he ( Full Answer )

Why shouldn't people smoke cannabis?

It comes down to is personal preference and legalities in ones area. I have talked with a few people that said they feel dumb, or don't particularly like the feel, when high. It can decrease motivation for them. Some don't so because of their job and/or family which might not approve. Others don' ( Full Answer )

Why people shouldn't litter?

A lot of rubbish is nonbiodegradable, and if they're not properly disposed of, then a lot of toxic material will accumulate and create a very unhealthy environment. Also, who wants to live in stinky trash? And it is bad for us, don't you think that's gross

Why shouldn't people do drugs?

It affects there family because it causes so much stress wondering if your all right trust me I had an older brother that was on drugs

Why shouldn't students listen to music in class?

Students should not be able to listen to music in class because the students would pay more attention to the song they are playing more so than the teacher talking.

Why shouldn't animals be able to listen to music?

Animals Have the right to listen to music, but I'm guessing the won't understand the lyrics. Animals Have a language just like all humans. Dog's Bark. Cat's Meow, ect. So If someone taught the animal how to understand the language of the song, then the animal should be able to listen to that type of ( Full Answer )

Why shouldn't people eat scavengers?

scavengers eats every thing like crab and shrimp they eat Poo and trash. wile pigs and cat fish eat anything they see what they eat effects your body they are filthy creatures :)

Why shouldn't young people smoke?

The problem here is that the earlier in life you start an addiction, the harder it may be to quit it. Also, children are more vulnerable to peer pressure than adults and make more decisions based on their emotions. This is why fast food companies use ads that are attractive to children. They know ( Full Answer )

Why shouldn't people kill with a gun?

idk but its easier to kill with a stick While guns are very effective killing devices, it might be easier to obtain and use a knife or, mentioned above, a stick. Guns also can be very loud without a silencer, and make a very distinct noise. You souldn't kill anyways:)

Why people shouldn't have guns?

Please note that this question is being asked to support a supposition (i.e. the assumption is that guns should not be possessed). Please include only those answers which support this opinion. Answers which support the opposite opinion should go in a question focused on that viewpoint. This is NOT t ( Full Answer )

Why shouldn't you help homeless people?

many homeless people are ptsd victims that were once veterans. they should all be helped. for some, its not their fault nesesarily, and for others, they just may be stuck in a rut is all. (to quote drillbit taylor)

Why shouldn't people talk to strangers?

Talking to strangers can be dangerous , especially for young people. You can be civil without being rude . If the person is making you uncomfortable , by all means tell the person s/he is in your personal space and making you uncomfortable. If they persist, and you can't get away, tell them loudly[ ( Full Answer )

Why people shouldn't smoke marijunana?

Like tobacco smoke, it contains carcinogenic materials that getinto the lungs and causes the same diseases that tobacco causes. From BlergK: This answer is 100% true but does not disclose all thefacts at hand. Smoking in general, regardless of the substancedictates one inhale the smoke of the burnt ( Full Answer )

How can you get people to listen to you?

Generally, listen to them so they feel you are interested in what they have to say, making them more likely to listen to you. Make eye contact so you know that they are paying attention. Maybe touch his or her arm gently. If there are other conversations taking place, wait for one of those lulls whe ( Full Answer )

Why shouldn't people use crack?

It is illegal, it is highly addictive, and it is not good for your mental or physical health.

Where in the bible does it say you shouldn't be gay?

Romans chapter one verses twenty one thru twenty eight "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman it's an abomination" - NKJ Leviticus 18:22 "If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman both of them have commited an abomination they shall surley be put to death. Their blood shall be ( Full Answer )

Why shouldn't people wear uniforms?

i think people should wear uniforms because its a reflection of respect and it shows that they honour the uniform that they wearing and that they proud to wear the uniform they should i love wearing a school uniform because im proud to wear my schools uniform and it shows that you respect what you w ( Full Answer )

Does it say you shouldn't kill in Torah?

No, the Torah forbids murder. Although murder is a form of killing, not all killing is a form of murder. The Torah actually specifies that if someone attempts to kill you without reason (murder), you are required to kill them in self-defense if there's no other way to stop them.

Why are Build-A-Bearville citizens not listening to people when they say stop?

People should always listen when you say stop, If your not a Jr.CyBearGuide online, then see if any are around. If not, then wait a little bit. If they don't stop, report them. Why don't they stop? They probably think it's funny to make you mad. Don't let them don't that. Say, "It's not funny, I'm n ( Full Answer )

Why shouldn't clone people have rights?

The only reason why cloned people have no rights yet is because A. they haven't invented them yet and B. they have not perfected them but i can assure you that when they do perfect them they will have the same rights as us!

Why shouldn't people kill whales?

People should not kill whales because it is cruel. Whales areendangered species and killing them would eventually make themextinct.

Why shouldn't people be afraid of bats?

Bats are highly sensitive animals that can detect objects through their sounds bouncing off other objects they know you are there and won't fly into you unless there is no where else for them to go. They are mostly out to eat during the night for a short time they are not interested in you.

Why people shouldn't carry guns?

Note that this answer is for providing possible justifications for the question, not to debate whether the question is correct (i.e this is NOT a should-or-shouldn't-they question). Please provide only answers that support the question's assumption that gun carry should not be allowed. Answers suppo ( Full Answer )

Why shouldn't people have phones at school?

Phones can be very disruptive in school. If it starts ringing it distracts you and the people around you. Also, if you are texting, then you are not paying attention to the teacher. Phones can also be used to text others for answers on tests, which is cheating.

What does Bible say bout peoples who fail to listen Jesus?

All mankind are condemned to die and spend eternity in the Lake of Fire. Only the people who have listened to Jesus through the Bible or preaching of the Gospel and believed God's true Word will be given eternal life in heaven. Some references: Matthew 7:26 - " But everyone who hears these sa ( Full Answer )

Why shouldn't people get their dogs fixed?

well some people wanna let there dogs have puppies and they wanna get other dogs pregnant. and also its very expensive and people don't have the money

Why shouldn't people have kookaburras as pets?

More to the point, why should people havekookaburras as pets? There are numerous species of birds which have been domesticatedover many generations. These are companion birds, bred for humancompany. Kookaburras are not. They are native birds of easternAustralia and Indonesia, and wild. They are no ( Full Answer )

Why shouldn't gay people marry?

Made a spelling mistake there is have to be guy's not gays ok. So guy's do get married with there parents permission to get married some don't care they just kiss and do other things. Some guy's have a girlfriend and some girls have some boyfriends too. So whats the point of asking that question. We ( Full Answer )

Why people shouldn't deer hunt?

It depends on which species you mean. Some deer species are declining, and those should never be hunted. Others, like the white tailed deer, need to be hunted under controlled measures to control their numbers.

Why shouldn't you bully people?

You should be concerned enough about your own welfare to focus moreon what your problem is and solving it. Only you can decide whatkind of person you want to be so why act like an animal. Sooner orlater the people you bully will be old enough to buy shotguns andif you don't stop yourself you will be ( Full Answer )

Why people shouldn't play football?

Well Football is the sport that get the most concussions. Onaverage ten of thousands of players get a concussion at least oncea year.

What are some things you shouldn't say to autistic people?

There are quite a number of things you shouldn't say to an autisticperson, even if they don't mind being different. "You don't lookautistic" or "you seem normal". That will offend autistic peoplewho know how to communicate, because they tried passing for normalto avoid being bullied or judged in dif ( Full Answer )