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Sound is not an electromagnetic wave, which can pass through a vacuum, but a vibration wave which requires matter to vibrate. A vacuum has no matter to vibrate, therefor sound cannot pass through it.

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Sound waves cannot travel on the?

Sound waves cannot travel through vaccum.

Can Sound waves can travel in a vacuum?

No. Since there is nothing sound can travel through, sound cannot travel.

What must sound have in order to travel?

An atmosphere. Sound cannot travel in a vacuum.

Is a sound travel ina vacue?

No, sound cannot travel in a vacuum. Sound moves by vibrating particles of a solid, liquid, or a gas. Since there are no particles in a vacuum, sound cannot travel through it.

What is one place sound waves cannot travel?

Sound waves cannot travel in space. Sound waves some medium in order to propagate.

Can sound travel easily through a vacuum?

sound cannot travel through a vacum

How fast can sound travel through a vacuum?

Sound cannot travel through a vacuum.

Can sound travel through a vaccum?

No, sound cannot travel through a vaccum, since there are no molecules/atoms for the sound to travel through... -.-

Can you hear sombody scream in space?

No there is no Air in space therefore sound cannot travel. Sound cannot travel through a vacum.

What are differences and similarities of sound and light?

sound can travel in vaccum but light cannot travel in vaccum

The velocity of sound in vacuum is?

It is told that sound cannot travel trough vacuum. Sound can only travel through medium.

Sound travels slowest in?

Sound travel slowest in gas. Actually, it is not in vacuum. In Vacuum sound cannot travel at all.

Sound cannot travel through what?

As sound is a mechanical wave (unlike light, an electromagnetic wave), it requires a medium in which to travel, therefore, it cannot travel through a vacuum.

Speed of sound in vacuum?

Zero. Sound cannot travel in a vacuum.

What can sound not travel in?

Sound cannot travel through nothing. There must be something in order to support its propagation.

Where do sound waves cannot travel?

it can't travel in a vacuum, it needs medium to travel

Why can't sound travel easily through some materials?

Sound needs a medium to travel. It cannot travel through a vaccum.

What can sound not travel through?

Since sound is a mechanical wave (it needs a substance to travel through) it cannot travel through a vacuum.

Why doesn't sound travel on an asteroid?

One cannot hear sound on an asteroid since it has no atmosphere, but sound can travel though an asteroid's surface.

How is sound cannot travel in a wavy way?

Sound can't travel in wavy waves because if it did, the sound would be messed up and dodgy.

How fast is the speed of sound in a vacuum?

Sound waves cannot travel in a vacuum.

Can sound travle to space?

Space is a vacuum. Sound cannot travel in vacuum

Do sound waves travel in vacuum?

Soundwave cannot travel through a vacumm.

What can't sound travel through and why?

Sound cannot travel through a vacuum, such as in outer space. "Sound" refers to waves of compression which travel through matter. When there is no matter, there can be no such waves, and therefore no sound.

Does sound travel outside the earths atmosphere in space?

No sound does not travel in space. sound must travel through a medium. Space is a vacuum, no air. So therefore without air the sound waves cannot travel.

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