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Sports are the best way to keep a person healthy because it is easier to exert yourself when you are having fun instead of just doing daily exercises. This will also improve you socially, not just mentally and physically.

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Why is keep the body in balance important?

so you can keep healthy and do sports

How do sports keep us healthy and fit?

Cause playing is like exercising and that make our body healthy ..!

Why are sports a healthy activity?

They work out your body and make you stronger. They get rid of excess fat and keep your heart healthy.

What sports are the best for keeping healthy?

The overall BEST sport to keep healthy is swimming. It takes the least toll on your joints and provides an entire body workout. But cycling and running are great for cardiovascular health, as well. For "Child Health", almost any sport will keep your child healthy. As long as it gets them up and moving.

Best slogans on the topic books are your best friends?

as we eat food to keep our body healthy like wise we read books to keep our mind strong and healthy

How will a diet affect a sports performer?

diet will surely affect sports performer. One must keep the body healthy ,so that he can carry out sports without any weakness.

How sports affects the body?

Sports in general are great exercise and help keep the body and mind healthy. However, as a result of some high impact sports muscles and joints can ware and become sore or injured. As long as you are taking care of your body and eating the right foods sports are a great form of exercise to keep you in shape.

Is sports helpful?

Yes, very. Sports keep you very fit and healthy, it strengthens all the muscles in your body and keeps you from putting on weight. Hope this helps.

How does healthful food help keep your body healthy?

the nutritions in the food is what the body needs to keep it healthy

How do you keep the musuclar system healthy?

By reading Twilight!!! and exercising. and eating healthy. everything you do to keep your body healthy, will keep the system healthy.

What do athletesdo to keep their body fit?

Well, They Are Athletes they exercise everyday, and eat healthy food, especially fruits and vegetables. they just do sports and drink plenty of water to keep their body fit.

What sports that keep people healthy?

Because there the same

How can you keep your body healthy?

The body can be kept healthy by healthy by good food intake and daily exercise.

How does the lungs work with other systems to keep the body healthy?

how does the lungs help the other systems to keep the body healthy?

How does the esophagus work with other systems to keep your body healthy?

How does the esophagus works with other systems to keep the body healthy?

Does exercise keep your body working hard or healthy?


Why shoul kids play sports?

sports are fun and they keep you healthy. well, some sports are fun anyway.

How does sportsmanship keep you healthy during sports?

no u die

Why are sports included in school?

To keep kids healthy and fit

What are the advantages of sports to a community as whole?

Well sports can keep young people active and healthy in many different ways and doing exercise can keep adults fit and healthy as well.

How does the brain keep your body healthy?

it helps you to keep healthy by ordering you to eat excersize etc

How do teeth keep your body healthy?

by keeping your teeth clean it makes you healthy because you will be having a beautiful smile and that will keep you healthy

Why do you have to do sports?

Because you have to keep fit and healthy and you have to grow big and strong.

Are sports fun?

Of course they are(: they benefit you too, keep you fit and healthy

Do chemicals help to keep your body healthy?

yes it keeps our body healthy only some chemicals affect our body

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