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My son Josh and I were discussing this question tonight and we came up with a few reasons for teaching and learning RE in schools.

In today's cosmopolitan world, it is a definite necessity and advantage for children to have basic knowledge and understanding of the many cultures and religions of the world. It makes for more enlightened and well rounded individuals who see the world as their home not just a single country. Religious education can promote tolerance and amalgamate people from various religious backgrounds.

It is easier to accept what we can understand.

Even from an economic view point, knowledge of different cultures and religions allows the world to be an open job market, where one can prosper in terms of adjustment.

K. Mukherjee

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Well i would have to say that religon should be allowed in schools. Why not? We are not suppose to wear hats, but some kids/adults wear these towels on there heads and they certaimly do not get yelled at. For furthur info. I'll discuss thiss with you, I would like to talk about this some more.

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Teaching religion in schools is a very effective form of indoctrination because the religious teacher has a captive audience. It is easier for the young student to submit and passively absorb religious teachings than to think for himself or herself and ask questions that might expose weaknesses in the religious argument. Against this, those who willingly attend religious instruction out of school are more likely to remain committed, life-long believers in that particular faith.

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Absolutly not, religion has no place in public schools.

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No it is not the law, so why make it compulsary to some students but not others. If they want to learn about God and Jesus thent hey should go to a Sunday School or church.

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Q: Why teach religious education in schools?
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Reasons why people teach religious education?

So other people will have religious knowledge.

Why religious education is important to teach in schools?

Because it is an important part of culture, but all religions must be discussed if one is, you mustn't give credence to one and not the rest.

Does french school teach religion?

There are religious education courses in private religious schools. When the religious school is funded by state money (99.9% of private schools), the religious classes cannot be mandatory for pupils and schools cannot refuse to board pupils from other religions. In all junior high schools, public or private, there is a religion awareness class over a few hours where pupils are introduced to all mainstream religions.

What are the schools that offer religious degrees?

At there are lists of all religious schools and degrees for careers in religious leadership, teaching and counseling.

What does Sarah Palin believe about education?

she wants to teach Creationism in schools.

What is the education in Israel?

There are regular public schools, religious (modern-Orthodox) public schools, there are schools which give a Torah-education, and there are private schools (whose orientation depends on who runs them).

How do you spell religious education in French?

Religious education is "instruction religieuse" or "cathéchisme" (for Catholics). It is not a school subject (except in some private religious schools) but is taught by volunteers outside schools.

What types of schools does Israel have?

Israel has 3 main types of schools: 1. State Schools 2. Religious State Schools 3. Religious Only Schools If I lived in Israel, I would choose the Religious State Schools, because they teach BOTH religion and regular school subjects.

When does Muslim religious education begin for children?

you can teach them when they start to talk but it is cupulsory for one to teach them when they reached maturity.

How do you educate others on Pathogen Transmission?

Education about the transmission of pathogens is not fundamentally different from education about anything else. You teach people in schools, you teach them at home, you teach them with public service announcements on television.

Do french children learn RE?

Religious Education is not taught in public schools and isn't mandatory in private schools. In fact most pupils get their religious education outside school in courses run by volunteers.

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It means special education. This is education for those with disabilities.