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Why teenagers are sensetive?


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November 17, 2008 5:23PM

Well, they are dealing with so much emotion these days. They are taught right from wrong from when they are little then they see the wrong be taught as norm, not right, but have to choose. There is meanness and violence and usery that they have to make choices about. Peer pressure and acceptance. All the things that make them realize that they are going into a world they never asked to be in. Happiness and pleasure are fading assests these days. Its eat or be eaten in this rat race and they dont know which side of the fence to sit on so they stay in the middle confused and angry. Give them choices and help them decide. Guide them and show them that the world is not that grim its the people in it. That they and those around them have to make their own happiness with what they have, not what they can get. That the little things in life count. That the good always overcomes evil, that the right choice may not be the easiest, but the truth is the reality in which we have to live and to live well, you have to be honest with yourself first and then with others around you. Take them to places to show them how wonderous people are when using money, mechanics and ideas in a positive way make beauty in this world. Tell them they need to be independent thinkers instead of following the crowd. Do what makes you happy as long as it does not physically or mentally hurt another........Live a life for one and all. --- The hormones give you mood swings wich causes them to be all emotional. My mam told me this a year ago when i turned teenage