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pH has no unit because it's a it's a logarithmic scale, not a measurement like grams or degrees.

The pH number directly relates mathematically to the actual concentrations in solution. Concentration itself does have units, but pH really only looks at the power (or exponent) of the concentrations. And, for that reason the unit doesn't carry.

For example:

pH = - log [H30+] (mathematical definition)

= negative logarithm of the hydronium ion concentration.

What this means is that if a solution has a concentration of 10-7 M [H30+] or (0.0000001 moles per litre of the hydronium ion), the negative log of this number = 7. Therefore the pH = 7.

But it's not 7 moles per litre or 7 moles or any other transferable unit. It's just 7.

Hope that helps a little.

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Q: Why the PH scale has no unit?
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What is the relationship between each pH unit on the pH scale?

They are logarithmic. A change of one unit is order of magnitude in difference; that is 10 times as much.

What does every unit on the pH scale represent?

Every unit represent the activity of the ion H+.

What is th unit of measure used to express the concentration of an acid or base?

pH value(not the 'unit' just the scale)

What is precision pH?

pH meters are precise to +/- 0.1 to +/- 0.01 pH unit (+/- 6 to +/- 0.6 mV) qith a full-meter scale of 14 pH units (about 840 mV)

What does phtwo mean in sciene?

The phtwo is another name for the ph scale.

What is the pH scale for eggs?

The pH scale for eggs is about 9.

What type of scale is the pH scale?

the pH scale is a scale that rates acids and bases

How can a pH scale show a neutral pH?

A neutral pH is green coloured on the pH scale.

How many more H ions does a solution with a pH of 4 have than a solution with a pH scale of 5?

Ten times more for each full pH unit lower.

Is there a two-folded increase in hydrogen for every pH unit as the scale decreases?


What scale is used to determine pH?

the pH scale

What is the highest number on the pH scale?

The highest number on the pH scale is 14. The pH scale goes from 0 to 14.

What is an acid on the pH scale?

below 6.9 on the pH scale

The midpoint of a pH scale?

The midpoint of the pH scale is 7.

On the pH scale a 7 indicates .?

pH=7 is the neutral point on the scale.

Where is a strawberry on the pH scale?

strawberries are at 3.5 on the pH scale

What colour is acid on a PH scale?

The Ph scale does not have colours.

Where does lemon juice lie on the pH scale?

The pH of lemon juice is about 2 on the pH scale.

What is the range of vinegar on the pH scale?

The PH of acetic acid (vinegar) is 2.4 on the PH scale.

Is the pH scale linear?

No, the pH scale ranges from 0-14 and is considered a logarithmic scale.

What number is neutral in the pH scale?

7 is neutral on the pH scale.

What is the pH scale of an antacid tablet?

The pH scale is 10-14

What is food preservation on the pH scale?

there is no food preservation on the pH scale?

What is the pH scale of a cucumber?

+31.5is the ph scale of a cucumber

What is unit of pH?

pH doesn't have a unit.